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Recount in Close KC Race
August 27, 2014

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander has announced there will be a recount in Kansas City’s 27th District Democratic primary.
Incumbent Bonnae Mims finished just behind challenger India Williams.
Williams got 1389 votes, 50.22%.
Mims got 1377 votes 49.78%.

Nixon Says Race Not a Factor In Appointing Isom
August 27, 2014

Missouri’s New Public Safety Director Dan Isom (left) listens to Gov Jay Nixon at a Jackson Co. news conference Wednesday.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says race was not a factor in the appointment Dan Isom as the new Director for the Public Safety Department.

Isom is the former Chief of the st. Louis Police Department. His is currently the only African American in the Governor’s cabinet.

Nixon called Isom, “a smart, tough cop”.

When asked if race was a factor, the Nixon quickly replied, “absolutely not”.

Isome cited his 25 years on the St. Louis force ,as well as two master degrees and a Ph. D in law enforcment, stating that made him very qualified for the job.

Nixon Also shielded Isom from making any comments to reporters about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri where things remain tense, but calm.

“Guys, he’ll take office September 1, you’ll have lots of shots at him after that,” Nixon said.

“But we’re not going to begin, in my view, having him cross examined about something that he was not situationally or operationally involved in,” Nixon added.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said she did not “understand the background of the appointment of Isom.

She thought former Director Jerry Lee ”had a great record”

Lee retired recently after three years on the job.

Governor Nixon stated Lee retired, and was not forced out.

McCaskill Rips Tea Party For Blocking Ex-Im Renewal
August 27, 2014

Claire McCaskill at Western Forms plant in Kansas City.

Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill is blaming tea party Republicans in the House for jeopardizing renewal of the Import-Export Authorization that is coming up for renewal.
During a stop at the Western Forms company in Kansas City, McCaskill said,”the very people who want to preach free market, want to hamper the country that is showing the rest of the world how to do free market.” She accused Tea party republicans of holding the re-authorization hostage.
McCaskill says they’re do not understand the principles behind the Import-Export measure.
McCaskill says the measure has the US bank assists private business in arranging business deals with foreign nations and companies.
McCaskill added no taxpayer money is at risk with the Export-Import back. She says the project actually returns money to the US treasury.
Some Republicans object to the measure. They say the US government should not be in the business of choosing which business win overseas business competition and which ones do not get the business.
McCaskill toured the Western Forms business on the City’s east side. The company says they do about half of their business overseas building pre-fab concrete homes. They told reports they think the measure should be re-authorized

Nixon Picks Former St. Louis Police Chief to Head Dept. of Public Safety
August 27, 2014

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon named the former St. Louis Police Chief, Daniel Isom as the new Director of the Missouri Department of Safety.
Nixon made the announcement in St. Louis, not far from the suburb
of Ferguson, the scene of racial tensions for theist two weeks.
“Dr. Isom has experience and training in law enforcement that are almost unmatched, including as a top-level manager and as a front-line officer in one of the state’s largest police forces,” Gov. Nixon said.
“Protecting the public is one of the most fundamental obligations of government, and I am honored to lead the Missouri Department of Public Safety at this critical time,” Dr. Isom said.
Isom replaces Jerry Lee. He is retiring after three years in the post.
Nixon will be in Kansas City Wednesday afternoon to repeat the announcement.

SurveyUSA Poll With Davis Lead Disputed by Brownback Campaign
August 27, 2014

Kansas’ incumbent Governor Sam Brownback’s campaign is disputing a new poll that shows the sitting governor trailing his Democratic opponent.
A new poll from SurveyUSA shows democrat Paul Davis with an 8 point lead over Brownback, 48-40%.
The mid-August poll was a done by an automated telephone survey.
Brownback’s Communications Director, john Milburn challenged the poll.
“SurveyUSA has a history of inaccurate polling and this latest release from the organizaton is more of the same,” Milburn said in a statement.
The Brownback campaign released what Milburn says is an internal campaign poll with different results.
That survey has the incumbent Republican leading Davis 43-42.
The memo that accompanied the poll says Democrat Paul Davis is “still largely unknown to voters”.
The Brownback poll says part of the Davis strength is that he has consolidated the democratic voter base faster than the Brownback campaign. The memo says the Brownback GOP consolidation effort is now underway.
The Survey USA poll showed Davis holding 91% of the Democratic vote while the Brownback campaign had 70% of the Kansas Republican base vote.
Wednesday morning, Davis’s campaign retweeted a 2010 Brownback statement about how “thrilled” the Brownback operations was with a big lead in a 2010 SurveyUSA poll.


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