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Survey Shows Primary Tightening Kansas Senate Race
July 25, 2014

A poll shows Democratic US senate candidate Chad Taylor within striking distance of three term incumbent Republican Pat Roberts.
The survey, released Thursday by KSN TV has Roberts leading Taylor 38%-33%.
Independent candidate Greg Orman polled 14% of the vote.
A general rule of thumb in politicos Ishtar incumbent politicians with approval rates or polling numbers under 50% may be in trouble with the voters.
Roberts is a long time political. Veteran in Kansas. He is seeking his 4th Senate term.
The USASurvey polled more than 2400 Kansas, more than 1200 said they were likely November voters.
The survey also has. Roberts leading his primary challenger, Milton Wolf by 20 points, a substantial lead. that margin, however, is down from the 33 point spread it was in the previous survey.

Nixon Says Missouri Schools Should Get “Oomph” From Lottery Sales
July 25, 2014

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon wants business experts to explain the state lottery’s books.
In Kansas. City Thursday, Nixon shed some more light on his call for the state lottery tone examined.
The Governor says since ticket sales are going up, then the state’s school budget shoUld be getting more money.
“Now ( lottery sales) it’s 1-point-1 billio, over 1.1 billion in income and still only transferring under $300 million. We want to look at that from a business perspective. That’s why the folks to lok at this. We’ve got to get more oomph out of that,” Nixon said.
The lottery’s chief operating officer, Gary Gonder, told the Associated Press in an e- mail, the kinds of games the public plays makes a big difference.
Gonder says most Missouri play scratch-off lottery games. he says those games have a higher percentage pay-out in prizes. Gonder told the AP that results in less money going to education even though sales are growing

KCMO’s Ban on Openly Carrying Guns Advances
July 23, 2014

(AP) – A Kansas City City Council committee has endorsed a measure that would ban people from openly carrying firearms in the city limits.

The Kansas City Star reports Mayor Sly James has pushed for the ban, noting that the tourist town of Lake Ozark also has voted for a similar prohibition, even by those with concealed carry permits.

The council’s Public Safety Committee on Wednesday endorsed the ban, which will go before the full City Council on July 31.

The future of the measure is uncertain because of a bill approved this year by Missouri’s General Assembly that would void any local ordinance prohibiting open carry for anyone with a concealed carry permit.

Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed the bill, but the Legislature is likely to attempt an override in September.

Wolf Claims Roberts is Behind Latest Look at X-Rays
July 23, 2014

Kansas Senate candidate Milton Wolf is accusing incumbent Pat Roberts of using his state political connections to smear him at the last minute.
Tuesday, the Topeka Capital Journal reported the Kansas Board of Healing Arts is opening an investigation into Wolf, who is a radiologist by trade.
The probe deals with some on-line postings by Wolf before the campaign.
The postings were removed before Wolf got into the Senate race.
In one of them, Wolf posts a set of x-rays that show the victim a gunshot wound to the back.
One caption reads, “My guess a jealous husband or jilted lover”
Another posting on the same page reads, “This is my 2nd favorite gunshot wound of all time”.
In an interview with KMBC, broadcast Tuesday, Wolf blames Roberts for the investigation because he has political supporters on the state board.
“He claims I violated patient privacy. He knows I didn’t. He claims I released photographs of patients. He knows I haven’t. Anonymous x-rays,” said Wolf..
“And if anyone is offended by the commentary that came along with it, I apologized at the time, and I apologize now,“ Wolf said in the interview.
The Capital Journal broke the story about the x-rays last winter. The newspaper said it became aware of the inquiry by the Board of Healing Arts because they asked the newspaper for some of their files regarding the story.
The Roberts campaign blasted Wolf after the latest newspaper story was published.
In a statement, the campaign stated, “In the unlikely event Wolf would become the Republican nominee, he would enter a general election seriously damaged as a candidiate.“.

State Boards Tell KC Schools to Wait for Accreditation
July 22, 2014

The Kansas City school system did not get its wish today.
The Missouri Board of Educations did not grant the district provisional accreditation.
The Kansas City district asked the Missouri Board to immediately grant them provisional accreditation. The district says its made improvements in its academic performance.
The state board, however, doesn’t see it that way.
“There is not sufficient data available yet for KCPS to verify that they have earned provisional accreditation,” according to a statement from DESE Tuesday afternoon.
The latest round of state test scores should be available in late August.
The unaccredited district expected to get its provisional accreditation restored at that time.
Kansas City thought it had improved enough in 2013 to regain accreditation.
Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicasto said the state was looking for a sustained trend of improvement , rather than just a good score on one round of tests.
The district says it has been make steady improvement now for three years.
Superintendent Steven Green says the district wanted to get the accreditation settled before the school year started.
He said that would prevent students who can transfer out of the district because of the lack of accreditation, having g to rejoin the school ( or provisional accreditation) is restored.


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