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Kansas Revenue Report 1% Off
August 29, 2014

(AP) – A new report says Kansas collected $4 million less in taxes than expected in August.

The Department of Revenue said Friday the state took in $421 million in taxes, about 1 percent below the official forecast of $425 million.

The department called revenues flat but said there are signs of economic growth in the figures. Corporate income tax collections exceeded expectations for the month.

The state saw a slight surplus in tax collections in July. Since the current fiscal year began July 1, the state has collected about $829 million in revenues, against projections of nearly $832 million. The difference is about $2.4 million, or 0.3 percent.

The numbers are likely to renew a political debate over massive income tax cuts enacted at Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s urging.

Kansas Waits on Key Budget Numbers
August 29, 2014

(AP) – Kansas officials are awaiting word on whether the state’s tax collections in August met expectations.

The state Department of Revenue’s report Friday afternoon was expected to renew a political debate over massive income tax cuts enacted at Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s urging. Brownback says the tax cuts are stimulating economic growth, but critics contend the reductions are wrecking the state’s finances.

The Legislature’s nonpartisan research staff is projecting that the state will face a $238 million budget shortfall by July 2016, even if tax collections meet the state’s official projections between now and then.

Kansas collected about $4 million more in taxes in July than anticipated, but tax collections in April, May and June fell a total of $334 million short of expectations.

SurveyUSA Poll With Davis Lead Disputed by Brownback Campaign
August 27, 2014

Kansas’ incumbent Governor Sam Brownback’s campaign is disputing a new poll that shows the sitting governor trailing his Democratic opponent.
A new poll from SurveyUSA shows democrat Paul Davis with an 8 point lead over Brownback, 48-40%.
The mid-August poll was a done by an automated telephone survey.
Brownback’s Communications Director, john Milburn challenged the poll.
“SurveyUSA has a history of inaccurate polling and this latest release from the organizaton is more of the same,” Milburn said in a statement.
The Brownback campaign released what Milburn says is an internal campaign poll with different results.
That survey has the incumbent Republican leading Davis 43-42.
The memo that accompanied the poll says Democrat Paul Davis is “still largely unknown to voters”.
The Brownback poll says part of the Davis strength is that he has consolidated the democratic voter base faster than the Brownback campaign. The memo says the Brownback GOP consolidation effort is now underway.
The Survey USA poll showed Davis holding 91% of the Democratic vote while the Brownback campaign had 70% of the Kansas Republican base vote.
Wednesday morning, Davis’s campaign retweeted a 2010 Brownback statement about how “thrilled” the Brownback operations was with a big lead in a 2010 SurveyUSA poll.

Brownback Campaign Releases Internal Poll: Up By 1 Over Davis
August 27, 2014

Here is the internal poll from the Sam Brownback campaign:

DATE: August 26, 2014
TO: Mark Dugan
Campaign Manager
Brownback for Governor, Inc.
FROM: Pat McFerron
Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates, Inc.
RE: A Survey of 500 Likely Voters in Kansas
Interviewing conducted August 17-20, 2014
Margin of error: +/- 4.3%
· Sam Brownback currently has a one point lead over Democrat challenger Paul Davis
(43% Brownback vs. 42% Davis).
· We are beginning to see Brownback putting together the traditionally successful
Republican coalition in Kansas as we see him moving in a positive direction among
key constituencies.
· Paul Davis is still largely unknown to the voters. In the last three months, he has
seen his negatives double, while his favorable rating has only increased 4 points
(from28% to 32%) since our May study.
· The job performance ratings of President Obama show a deep dissatisfaction for his
policies among Kansas voters. Only 6% rate Obama’s job performance as “excellent”
while 52% rate it is as poor. Among those currently undecided on the governor’s
race, 61% say Obama is doing a poor job, while only 5% rate it as excellent.
· It is clear, the Democrat base has come together quicker than the Republican base;
however, there is clearly more room for the Republican base to grow. This is
starting to happen and is evident in Brownback’s improved performance among
unaffiliated voters.
Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates (CHS) is pleased present this summary of
findings of its recent survey of registered Kansas voters likely to vote in this fall’s
gubernatorial election. Balanced for geography, partisan affiliation, gender and age, this
study follows the structure of our 20 years of successful polling in Kansas. Interviews
were conducted on both land and mobile lines.
About Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates and Pat McFerron
Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates (CHS) is one of a very few nationally recognized political polling firms in the nation that
is not headquartered on one of the coasts. Since 1989, the firm has developed an expertise in surveying the political landscape in
its home state of Oklahoma, in surrounding states and throughout the nation. The firm’s history in Kansas dates to 1993 and
includes the publication of the The Kansas Report during the 1996 election cycle. Since that time, CHS has regularly been
involved in both political and marketing research in Kansas.
Pat McFerron, a Kansas native, has been the Director of Survey research at Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates since he
joined the firm in 199 and became President of the firm in 2012. McFerron has supervised more than 100 surveys in Kansas
ranging from local elections to those for US Senate, Congress and Governor, and analyzed than a thousand studies across the

Christie Promises Help for Brownback’s Re-Election Bid
August 21, 2014

KC Star:
Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey lent a little celebrity verve to the Kansas governor’s race Wednesday, buzzing in to campaign for Republican incumbent Sam Brownback.

The tough-talking New Jersey governor, frequently seen on national television, came to the Kansas City area for a noon fundraiser at the home of a Mission Hills dentist.

On the way, Christie and Brownback stopped for takeout at Oklahoma Joe’s Bar-B-Que in Kansas City, Kan., where they created a stir as they took time to shake hands — and take some selfies — with the early lunch crowd.

Later they met with reporters and joked about Christie’s fearless approach to eating sauce-lathered barbecue.

“I suggested he might want to bring a second shirt,” Brownback said. “He says in Jersey you just wear it.”

After picking up their $53.92 order of ribs, sausage and brisket, Brownback and Christie — showing no signs of getting messy — stood outside the gas station turned restaurant and grappled with questions about the Kansas governor’s re-election campaign.

Brownback has been trailing Democratic challenger Paul Davis in most polls so far, raising questions about why a Republican governor would have trouble getting re-elected in a deeply red state.

“This has always been a difficult state. I kind of remember (former governor) Kathleen Sebelius being here for quite some time and that’s about as blue as you can get,” Christie said.

“I never expected this to be an easy race,” he added. “Kansas voters are independent thinkers. They’ve elected Democratic governors before, but they’re going to re-elect a Republican governor in November.”

As chairman of the Republican Governors Association, Christie promised to give Brownback the help he needs to win a second term.

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