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“It Ain’t Me Babe,” Romney Passes On 2016
January 30, 2015

National Journal:
Everyone’s running until they’re not. That’s the biggest takeaway from Mitt Romney’s announcement to supporters Friday, and it’s the single thing that makes presidential news so difficult to parse this time of year.

— Romney’s announcement today that he would stand aside to let a new GOP leader emerge in 2016 caps a three-week news whirlwind surrounding the 2012 nominee, which included numerous details about donor signups, staff being retained, and local leaders being called — in short, exactly the sort of things one does before running for president. They are exactly the sort of things many of the other presumed candidates are doing right now, too.

— Yet Romney won’t pull the trigger. But he clearly wanted to be in the position of being able to go for his party’s nomination instead of having a lack of preparation, rather than a lack of desire, be what kept him out. And it seems unlikely that Romney will be the only person to go through those motions but still pull back in 2015. As we’ve noted before, the same thing happened with Haley Barbour in 2011.

— As far as what Romney’s exit from the 2016 scene means: It certainly precludes a titanic primary clash of dynastic GOP “establishment” figures with Jeb Bush. But even if that won’t divide their wing of the party, there’s still an issue to consider, which is that the GOP has become more of a blue-collar party in every recent year. There may not be as much space as there once was in Republicans’ traditional power center.

Romney passing on 2016 is a fitting end to a January full of news about him and Bush, which no one would have expected months ago. But he’s unlikely to be the last presidential candidate to take a pass this year.

Reports Say Romney is Ready to Update 2016 Plans
January 30, 2015


Mitt Romney plans to provide an “update” on his intentions about a third bid for the White House, according to multiple reports Friday morning.
Supporters of the 2012 Republican presidential nominee received an email late Thursday to join a call Friday morning, led by Romney, for “an update,” Bloomberg News reported.
Romney is ready to make a decision on a bid, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin reported.
“According to people familiar with the thinking of the two-time presidential candidate, Romney has now gathered all the information he needs to reach a conclusion about whether to run a third time,” Halperin reported.
Driving Romney’s decision would be whether he felt the GOP field is strong enough to defeat the Democrats in 2016, according to Bloomberg.
CNN Politics initially tweeted early Friday morning, “Romney to tell supporters Friday his decision about whether he’ll pursue a 2016 presidential campaign, @DanaBashCNN reports.”

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JPB Passes on Missouri AG Run
January 30, 2015

Jackson. County ProsecutorJean Peters Baker says she is not going to run for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General.
Veteran County Executive Mike Sanders, a potential candidate for years, says he continues to consider it, according to the Kansas City Star.
Democrats Scott Sifton and Jake Zimmerman says they intend to run in 2016,
Republican Kurt Schaefer is also planning to run.
Attorney General Chris Koster is planning to run for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2016.

Schweich Continues ‘ Clean Out Jeff City’ Campaign Theme
January 30, 2015

Missouri State Auditor, Republican Tom Schweich continues to pres his ‘Clean Out Jefferson City’ theme on his first campaign swing as a candidiate for Givernor.
“You can’t get anything done until you clean up the corruption,” Schweich said I. Kansas City Thursday.
It was the second day of Schweich fly-around announcement tour.
Schweich expects to face former Misspuri House Speaker Catherine Hanaway during the August 2016 Republican Party primary for Govenor.
As Schweich’s campaign started, he took a swipe at Hanaway and one of her supporters, wealthy investor Rex Sinquefield. He has donated heavily to her campaign.
In Kansas City, Schweich mentioned Sinquefield more by name than he did Hanway.
“They’re one in the same,” claimed the auditor.
Schweich is just starting his second term as State Auditor. democrats did not mount a challenger to him.
Schweich says he’ll also make improving Missouri schools and economic development major campaign issues.
when asked about the economic competition in the Kansas City area, known as ‘The Border War’, Schweich says, as Govenor he would try to resolve the problem. He was nit specifics.
The main theme of his remarks centered on the problem he sees with correct potion, since Missouri has no political campaign contribution limits and few restrictions on lobbyist activity.
“t’s deception, it’s fraud, it’s influence peddling. And it’s the kind of thing that worries me about the future of the Republlican Party in Missouri,” he said.
A statement from the Hanway campaign says it is really the Schweich bid that could jeopardize the the GOP, by dividing it with a primary campaign.
“Primaries have repeatedly cost Missouri Republicans statewide elections, a Hanaway spokesman wrote in a statement.
In 2012, a hard fought Republican primary gave the Missouri US Senate nomination to former Congressman Todd Akins.
He was easily defeated by Democrat Claire McCaskill in a race that Missouri Republicans thought they started out with the upper hand.
Democrat Attorney General Chris Koster is the heavy favorite to win the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2016.

Kansas House Looks at School. Spending Delay as Budget Stop Gap
January 29, 2015

(AP) – A Kansas House committee has modified a proposal from Republican Gov. Sam Brownback to delay providing some funds to school districts for four months.

The Appropriations Committee began work Thursday on a bill that would close a projected $279 million shortfall in the current state budget.

Brownback’s budget-balancing plan relies most heavily on diverting funds for highway projects and other special funds into the state’s main bank account, which has the projected deficit.

But Brownback also hoped to avoid a mid-February cash crunch for the state by delaying $45 million in payments to schools for building repairs and equipment until June.

The committee voted to delay only $20 million in payments.


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