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Taylor Asks Kansas Supremes to Drop Him Off Ballot
September 9, 2014

Former Kansas Democratic Senate candidate Chad Taylor is asking the state Supreme Court to remove his name from the the November ballot.
Taylor ended his campaign last week and asked re Kansas Secretary of State’s Office how to properly withdraw from the race.
Taylor’s campaign said they wrote up the brief withdrawal letter according to the instructions.
Secretary of State Kris Kobach, however, refused to accept the letter, ruling Taylor’s name should remain on the ballot.
Tuesday afternoon, Joan Wagnon, the head of the Kansas Democratic Party said her Party would watch the case closely.
Wagnom also wondered out loud where Kobach was last Wednesday when Taylor was seeking information on how to leave the race.
“Chad Taylor had been trying to reach Kris Kobach all day,” Wagnon said in a statement. The impact of those decisions are affecting the Kansas US Senate race
Taylor’s withdrawal clears the way for an independent candidate, Greg Oman to challenge three term incumbent Republican Pat Roberts.
Roberts changed his campaign manager last week in the midst of the developments.
Roberts accused Orman of being a liberal Democrat in their first debate last weekend. Orman said Roberts has turned into a Washington insider.

James urges Missouri GOP to Back Nixon’s Gun Bill Veto
September 9, 2014

Kansas City Mayor Sly James blasted most of the state Republican lawmakers Tuesday.
James went to his old Kansas City neighborhood of 44th and Montgall where he grew up.
“Guns are more readily available in this neighborhood than fresh food. And there’s something wrong with that,” said James.
Wednesday, lawmakers are expected to try to override Governor Jay Nnixon’s veto of Senate Bill 656. The measure expands several gun rights, including preventing Missouri cities from blocking gun owners from openly displaying weapons in many places in Missouri.
Another provision of the bill would permit teachers and administrators who already have concealed carry permits to take another role.
The measure would provide additional training to those school employees so they could become School Protection Officers.
Now, some city police departments have officers dedicated to school safety. The head of the School Resource Officer Association says there are more than 400 such officers in Missouri schools now.
Kansas City Missouri School Superintendent Stephen Green says using teachers as security is a bad idea.
“A teacher cannot replace the role of a law enforcement officer. And a law enforcement officer cannot replace a teacher,” said Green. “They are different. And this bill would blur the lines,” he added.
The bill’s sponsor, Lee’ Summit Republican Will Kraus said his school provision was designed to “increase school security options”. The bill, if enacted, is not mandatory. Kraus said the whole bill is intended to “protect individual rights”.
Mayor James complained again that outstate lawmakers don’t understand the state’s large urban metros like Kansas City and St. Louis.
He accused many of them voting for any gun bill out of fear of being labeled “anti-gun” in the next campaign.

KC Ties to Deal With Double Digit Absenteeism
September 8, 2014

KC Mayor Sly James

Kansas City Mayor Sly James, and three urban school districts are trying to crack down on kids skipping school.
The city and the KCPS, Hickman Mills and the Center District are part of the program, along with with the Big Brothers and Sisters program if Kansas City. The goal is to keep more grade school age children in school. All three districts have absenteeism rates over 10%.
KCPS: 21%
Hickman Mills: 19%
Center: 11%

Fast Food Protester Close I-70 East kind Ramp. Police have Arrested Several People. It’s Peacful
September 4, 2014

Democrat Chad Taylor Drops Out KF Kansas Senate Race, Leaves Orman to Face Roberts
September 3, 2014

Free Kansas Democratic Senate candidate Chad Taylor.

Kansas Democratic Senate candidate Chad Taylor abruptly dropped out of the race Wednesday. He notified the Kansas Secretary of State’s office Wednesday, the deadline for statying on the ballot, that he was quitting the campaign.
Taylor gave no reason in the terse statement submitted to the Secretary of state’s office.
Taylor’s campaign against three term incumbent Republican Pat Roberts had struggled.
Robert’s campaign issued a brief statement, accusing independent Greg Orman of being the true Democrat in the race.
Orman’s campaign released a statement , “this is certainly an unexpected turn of event,” the Olathe businessman said.
Orman today had landed the backing of some moderate Kansas Republicans including former state legislator Jim Yonally, former state Sen. Tim Owens of Overland Park and former Rep. Rochelle Chronister of Neodesha.


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