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Mo. Senate Moves on Voting Machine Reform
March 25, 2014

(AP) – The Missouri Senate has endorsed legislation that would require local elections authorities to phase out the use of some electronic voting machines.

Under the bill, voters could only use electronic machines that produce a paper trail of marked votes. All other types of electronic voting machines currently in use for elections could still be used, but could not be replaced once they malfunction.

The legislation given first-round approval Monday also declares the paper ballot as the official ballot of Missouri elections. It needs one more Senate vote before moving to the House.

The bill is sponsored by Republican Sen. Brian Nieves, of Washington.

Cobras delight KC St Pat’s parade crowd
March 17, 2014

St. Pat’s Parade
March 17, 2014

Wellington Woman Sues Odessa Gun Store Over “Negligent” Gun Sale that Lead to Fatal Shooting
March 12, 2014

Janet Delana files negligent gun sales lawsuit.

A woman from Wellington. Missouri is suing the Odessa gun & Pawn store, saying the were warned not to sell her mentally unstable daughter a gun, but did so anyway, and the daughter used the weapon to kill her father. The lawsuit says Colby Sur Weathers shot and milled her father, Tex, Tex was shot and killed on June 26,2012.
The suit says Weathes then te ted her mother, Janet, "Dad is dead".
The suit says Janet Delana filed the suit today in LafAyette District Court. The suit charges the gun store "negligently sold the pistol to Colby Sue Weathers, despite knowing that Weathers had a long history of mental illness".
Janet Delana says Weathers bought one gun from the store in May of 2009 in order to take her own
When her father Tex discovered the weapon he got rid of it.
Janet Delana says she then warned the gun store that her daughter had been diagnosed with mental illness. Janet Delana said she warned the store she her daughter might try to buy a second gun with her social upcoming social security check to buy a other gun.
Janet Delane says she provided the store with Weathers’ name,date of birth , and social security number during her warning.
Delana told reporters today she begged the store not to sell Weathers another gun.
An attorney for Delana, Jonathan Lowy of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, says this is not a challenge to the 2nd Amendment.
He says it’s a suit to urge gun dealers to "use common sense ".
Lowy says most gun dealers are reputable and use common sense now, but there are " few bad apples".

Northland Rep Myron Neth Won’t Seek Re-election
February 26, 2014

Missouri Times:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Rep. Myron Neth, R-Liberty, told The Missouri Times that he will not be seeking a third term, opening up a poachable seat for House Democrats hoping to chip away at the Republican super majority.

Neth’s district — which is heavy with union membership — has been challenging for Republicans to keep, and has relied largely on the vote of conservative democrats to maintain Neth’s hold on the office. Neth said there were several reasons he would not seek re-election.

One of his daughters is about to start college, placing an increased financial burden on a small campaign. Neth also said he was hoping to spend more time with his family, and that he wouldn’t rule out returning to the legislature at some point in the future.

Neth’s district, which includes the Claycomo Ford Assembly Plant, was considered one of the most vulnerable seats held by the Republican veto-proof majority if Right-to-Work legislation made it on the ballot.

“I’ve loved serving my district and my constituents,” Neth said. “But running again just isn’t the best move for me or my family right now, so I’ll step aside and hope that my experience can be put to use in other work.”

Neth has no official plans after he completes his time in office, other than to say he would pursue a career in the private sector. Neth plans on releasing an official statement from his office later today. As of today, candidates from both parties have filed for the seat.


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