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Roberts Blasts Obama on Ebola But Missed Full Committee Hearing Last Month on Extent o the Threat
October 14, 2014

Ks. Senator Pat Roberts

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts Tuesday blasted President Obama’s handling of the Ebola crisis, but Roberts missed a hearing last month in Washington on the issue.
Roberts’ Health Committee held a hearing Sept. 16th. It was called, “A Joint Full Committee Hearing: Ebola in West Africa: A global Challenge and Public Health Threat”. Two panels of government health experts testified at the hearing.
Roberts was in Washington that day. He voted on two roll call votes on the Senate floor.
The hearing took place in the weeks after Americans saw the first images if several people wearing anti-contamination suits being hospitalized because they were suspected of having the disease. Roberts’campaign acknowledges he missed the meeting.
Campaign Manager Corry Bliss issued a statement Tuesday.
“Senator Roberts’ staff monitored the hearing, and he was briefed accordingly; however, you don’t need to sit in a hearing room to understand the President’s failure to address the Ebola crisis and protect the American public,” Bliss’ statement read.
Tuesday Roberts also called for the US to ban travel to the United States by West Africans in order to control the spread if the disease in this country.
A third party group, ‘Committee to Elect Independent Senate’, raised the issue of Roberts’ attendance in their first Kansas commercial of the campaign.
The group says Roberts missed 73% of his full committee hearings so far in 2014. It says he missed 58% of his 2013 full committee hearings.
Roberts has seats on several influential committees.
He is the ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Committees.
If Republicans take control of the Senate next month, he may become the next chairman of the Senate AG committee
He is also a member of the Senate’s Rules panel; Finance; and Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. That was the committee that conducted the ebola hearing.

Carly Fiorina Campaigns for Brownback JoCo
October 14, 2014

Pat Roberts Wraps Up Ks. Bus Tour at JOCO GOP HQ
October 12, 2014

Orman: Sequester is ” Greatest Example ” of Broken Washington
October 7, 2014

Orman in his boxing equipment warehouse in Lenexa.

Kansas’ Independent candidate for the US, Greg Orman calls the automatic, across-the- board budgets cuts known as sequestration, is the “greatest example is the greatest example of what’s wrong with Washington today’. Orman made those remarks in an interview with KMBC TV Tuesday.
“it was a mistake that both parties couldn’t come together and agree to a much more targeted approach,” Orman added.
The automatic cuts were supposed to be the “poison pill” in the budget control Act of 2011. Orman called it, “the penalty”.
The automatic cuts were supposed to be the hammer hanging over Congress in unsuccessful effort to get a bipartisan spending bill through Congress.
Under the terms of the deal, more than $100 billion is to be cut each from many federal programs including the defense budget and many domestic progrrams, including some cuts in things like Medicare. The cuts are expected total more than $109 billion annually from 2014 through 2021.
Orman’s opponent, Republican incumbent Pat Roberts voted for the 2011 Budget Control Act. Roberts, however, has complained about the nature of the cuts as well.
Orman has said government agencies ought to decide what programs get cut within their departments in order to his their automatic reductions.
His says partly of running a federal agency well ought to be to know where to make cuts in case they have to be made.
Orman and Roberts spared briefly overt the sequester cuts in their first debate in early September. The two candidates meet again Wednesday in Overland Park for another debate.

McCain Carries Roberts Campaign Message in Johnson County
September 24, 2014

Senator John McCain talks to reporters in Overland Park Wednesday.

Former Republican presidential candidate John MCcain came to Johnson County to re-enforce the Pat Roberts campaign.
Roberts, the three- term incumbent, is trailing his independent challenger Greg Orman in many polls.
"This guy needs to be smoked out", McCain told reporters.
He repeated the Roberts’ campaign message of the week, that Orman is posing as an independent, but is really a Democrat.
"If you have run as a Democrat, my friends, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might be a duck! And that’s a Democrat. Which is what he is," McCain shouted to the partisan crowd.
Federal campaign records show Orman making donations to the Barack Obama campaign, Kansas Democrat Nancy Boyda’s Congressional bids and Democrat Al Franken’s 2008 Senate campaign.
Orman’s campaign also points out he has donated the the 2010 Senate campaign of Scott Brown in Massachusetts.
Orman also donated to the Todd Akin’s 2006 re-election drive.
That was before he ran for Senate against Claire McCaskill in 2012.
Most or Orman’s Republican donations, however, date back 10 years or longer.
It’s sign of how the Kansas Senate race has suddenly become an important part of then GOP strategy to gain control of the Senate in the mid-term election.
The Republicans need to pick up six seats and hold on to Roberts’s seat to flip Senate.
Reporter pressed McCain about how unlikely it is for an incumbent Republican like Roberts to be in political trouble in a Republican state such as Kansas.
McCain says voters are unhappy with all of Washington.
He later admitted he did not the know the details of Kansas politics.
He added if Roberts picks up just one vote because of the McCain stop. then the trip will be worthwhile.
The former presidential candidate said Roberts was a leader in the Senate on issues like agriculture and national security.
When pressed, he did not cite any specific examples of Roberts’ Senate legacy.
McCain’s appearance is part of a parade of Republican stars who will campaign for Roberts.
McCaim”s former running mate, Sarah Palin, is in Kansas with Roberts in Independence later this week.
Party big shots like Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush are all expected in the state in the near future on Roberts behalf.
A small crowd of Johnson County Republlican faithful packed the small GOP headquarters for the late afternoon event.


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