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Missouri Sets Trade Trip to Cuba
January 30, 2015

Brownfield Network via
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is taking Missouri commodity group leaders with him to Cuba for a trade trip in early March. Members of the U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba (USACC) representing national ag groups will also be on the trip.

Nixon tells Brownfield Ag News that ag products will be the leader in exports from Missouri to Cuba as trade relations are eased, “Soybeans and corn have really solid potential there – we also think rice. I mean, the Bootheel in Missouri is continuing to be more and more productive on the rice front with the water they have and the capacity with it down there.”

With the Mississippi River as the gateway – Nixon says Missouri and other ag states are perfectly positioned for the Cuban market. But other countries have moved faster than the U.S. He says, “We’ve seen Brazil move in over the last five or six years and, quite frankly, I’ve a lot more confidence that our Missouri farmers can produce on-time, high quality products. That’s one reason why we think it’s a significant advantage for them to buy it from us but, clearly, they’re buying rice from outside their country.”

Nixon concedes there is more work to be done on fully opening trade with Cuba. Although trade is happening, he says, it’s been very difficult because of currency and payment issues. However, “I’m confident our federal partners are going to work that out. We think the relationship side is very important to begin to open up these markets and that’s what the trip in March is all about.”

The Missouri trade trip is scheduled for the first week of March. Nixon is holding a round table discussion about trade with Cuba with commodity leaders at Missouri Farm Bureau headquarters this afternoon.

White House Pool Report of Lawrence Head Start Visit
January 22, 2015

The president is at the University of Kansas, scheduled to begin speaking shortly.

Color from the OTR visit to Head Start classroom at Community Children’s Center.

Teachers Dawna Kneedler and Rachel Gehringer were engaging the children as we awaited the president. The children gawked and giggled at the pool. “That’s a lot of people,” one kid said over and over. “They have caaaameras,” said another.

Birthday boy Josh Earnest entered the room, followed moments later by the president, in shirtsleeves, accompanies by Carolyn Kelly, Executive Director, Community Children’s Center, and Tracie Morris, Social Services Coordinator.

He was very animated as he greeted the kids, mostly 4 year olds and some 3s and 5s. About 16 of them.

“What are you guys doing? You guys are working on your letters?” he said.

One kid asked his name. “I’m Barack,” he said.

“I saw you on my TV,” another said.

“I saw him on the news,” another said.

“I’ve been on the news sometimes,” Obama said. Two tables of kids. Obama worked each, kneeling beside the kids. He asked just about each of them their names. One was named Michelle. “I know a Michelle. One of my favorite people’s named Michelle.”

The kids were reading a Dr. Seuss story – a parable about discrimination.

“Are these the Sneetches? The star-belly Sneetches? The Sneetches with no stars on thars? That is one of my favorite stories…In fact most of the things I deal with as president would be solved if everybody read about the Sneetches. Because there are some people who think they’re special cause they’ve got stars, and some who feel bad cause they don’t.”

One kid asked what he wanted to do when he grew up.

“When I was really young I wanted to be an architect. You know what an architect is? … We build buildings. We design buildings. We make buildings like schools, libraries, and office buildings. I really wanted to do that when I was young.”

Pool was escorted out as Obama posed for a group photo with the kids. One person out on the sidewalk was the Rev. Peter Luckey, senior pastor since 1995 at Plymouth Congregational Church, which houses and sponsors the Head Start program Obama visited.

“We’re completely supportive of the president’s agenda, especially on early childhood education, and to provide childcare to families. This is something the church feels very deeply about. And this has been the central core of our mission since 1966 to provide this program for low-income families,” he said.

Sequestration cost “significant dollars” for the Head Start program, Luckey said, and “We are proud of the fact that the church stepped up to the plate and found extra money to pay for Head Start when those funds were sequestered because we felt so, so committed to this program. We were just really chagrined that the sequestration happened and that children and families that are marginalized and vulnerable in the community were going to be adversely affected by it.”

Luckey noted that his church is part of the United Church of Christ- same as the Trinity Church in Chicago, where Obama attended.

Obama walked out, waved to the crowd of perhaps a couple hundred across the street – they hollered and cheered when he arrived, and as he emerged now

Stage Ready for Obama Speech on KU Campus
January 22, 2015

KU Students Wait for Obama
January 22, 2015

Obama Brings Blue Ideas to a Red State
January 21, 2015

President Obama arrives at Forbes Field in Topeka Wednesday night.

President Barack Obama landed in a last Wednesday night where the only blue he might see is on the Jerseys of the K-u Jayhawk basketball team.

And that’s part of the reason he selected Kansas for the second stop of his post-State of the union Speech.

Obama arrived in Topeka about 7:30 Wednesday night and directly rode to Lawrence, Kansas, home of the Kayhawks.

He is expected to give a speech on the KU campus Thursday morning.

The White House says the president traveled to Idaho on Wednesday and Kansas Wednesday night to make a point.

The president is well aware both are conservatives states.

In fact in Boise, he noted, “in places like Boise, the only blue is on your field,” a reference to the color of the turn of the football field.

The President is expected to repeat the theme that all Americans”desire to make progress” in their lives.

Wednesday night, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback priased the president’s delivery of the state of the Union. Brownback, however, said the speech was too far to the left for him.

He did say he would like to be able to talk to the Obama administration to see if they can find common ground on things like federal tax policy, Medicaid expansion and welfare reform.

"iI certainly think we could get a lot better on tax policy, federally, in ways that can help us to grow in this state," Brownback said

Brownback, the Mayor of Topeka, Larry Wolgast and Col. Ronald Krueger of the Kansas Air national Guard spend several minutes talking on the tarmac.

The President did not greet the handful of Guardsmen who were watching from nearby.

Both the Governor and the Mayor sai most of the time they spent talking with Obama dealt with sports, specifically, KU Jayhawk basketball.

Mayor Wolgast said he asked the President if he planned to work out with the basketball team.

Wolgast says the President did think so. Wolgast says he told him his shot was not too good right now.


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