How Lynn Jenkins Almost Turned a Gaffe into an A-Bomb

The latest exhibit of how badly members of Congress want this month of hell, known as the August Summer Recess, comes  right out of Kansas.

A home video from August 19, shows the freshman Lynn Jenkins at one her meetings with citizens talking about  Republican politics of the future.

“The Republicans are struggling right now to find that great white hope”. That’s the sentence that has  Jenkins on too many web sites to count.

No doubt, poor choice of words given  the who is the President.

Some will even believe  Jenkins’ claim she had no idea the phrase has it’s orign as a racist slogan. 

It describes the search for  a white challenger to  first black heavyweight champ, Jack Johnson. It was even the nickname for a  fighter by the name of Jim Jefferies. Jackson knocked him out in a prize fight on the Fourth of July 1910. 

But in Ottawa, Ks. Thursday afternoon she held another town hall meeting. Cameras from KMBC and WDAF were there to greet her. Jenkins  tried to blow by the camera crew cliaming she was late for the meeting. She was late. By all of about 5 minutes.

She then came back to her senses and stopped for what TV folks refer as “a stop and pop’. A  couple quick questions, quick answers and move on.

Had Jenkins not  stopped, Kansas City news would have been filled with the video of her walking brusquely by and not explaining what she said, and the fact that she didn’t know the phrase was racially loaded.

As they say the story would have legs and live for another day. Now it’s probably over.

Here’s another exhibit that  Thursday was not her day. Jenkins launched into a  standard summary of what she thought of  her first  months in Congress. “A baptism by fire”, is what she called it.

She got  through a couple of minutes of that before a a guy stood up and told her, that Ma’am, respectfully, we came here to talk health care. Jenkins says she’d take questions but this was a wide ranging meeting, not just for one topic. Then folks started waving  flyers saying  this was  billed this as a health care forum.

Long Day.


2 Responses

  1. at best this reflects basic ignorance not becoming a leader
    or even a member of congress

    at worst this shows extreme indifference

    after all, she was speaking with voters who voted for her
    after voting for nancy boyda in 2006. During the 2008 campaign she trashed the incumbent for supporting
    civil rights legislation

    she also trashed her opponent for taking money from
    lawyers who file civil rights cases

    this same said constituency component is 90+%white

  2. Is she a natural fool, or some Bigger Fool’s fool? If so, who’s that Bigger Fool?

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