Kit Bond Prepares for ‘Daily Show’ Monday Night

Missouri’s Republican Senator Kit Bond will appear on the Comedy Central’s  fake-news show ‘The Daily Show’ Monday night.

Bond says he’s flying to New York Monday for the appearance. He indicated he might have some zingers for host Jon Stewart, but he wouldn’t elaborate.

During the appearance Bond will try to promote his new book, ‘The Next Front: Southeast Asia and the Road to Global Peace with Islam’. He co-authored it with  Lewis Simons. The book was released last month.

In Kansas City Friday evening,  Bond ripped the Obama Stimulus plan in the wake of the  news the unemployment rate has topped 10%.

“Many businesses are afraid to expand because with all the threatened burdens government is pushing on them, with higher costs for health care, higher taxes, potentially a heavy tax on energy;  they can’t afford to take on more employees.”

He also laid some of the blame on the Bush Adminstration. He says both governments failed to solve the real problem that led to the recession. Bond says that was the  failure to get the bad loans out of the market.


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