Moran Predicts New ‘Contract” is Coming from GOP

Kansas US Senate candidate Jerry Moran told a group of Lenexa Republicans Tuesday night a new  ‘Contract With America” document from Republicans is “in the works”.

In 1994, the Republicans took over the House of Representatives for the first time in more than a generation. The “Contract With America” was a set of ten principles many GOP Congressional candidates used that year as their platform.  

GOP sources says the 2010 version will be called,  “America Speaking Out”. It will be rolled out in the Fall as part of the Republican effort to reclaim the House.

Also Tuesday, Moran spoke publically about the controversy over his former campaign manager Paul Moore’s defection.

Moore wrote an open letter to Kansas Republicans that said in part, “Jerry Moran winced at the frequent use of the words “conservative” or “pro-life” to portray himself out of fear he might offend moderate or pro-choice voters.”

As a campaign statement said earlier, Moran says those in the audience who have  had to deal with a “disgruntled employee”, know the problem he is facing.

He also says the Tiahrt campaign is “twisting” the facts of a 20 year old vote from Moran’s days in the State Senate. Moran says he voted against a particular version of a parental notification bill because he thought it might lead to more  pregnancies and abortions in Kansas, not fewer.


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