Blunt Gets Testy With Reporter Over Immigration Charge

Republican Senate candidate Roy Blunt got angry Wednesday when a KMBC TV reporter asked him about his role in an 1990 immigration case.
Last week, Missouri Democrats accused Blunt of improperly using his name and office; he was then the Missouri Secretary of State, to help out a women seeking to have her immigration status cleared up.
In his letter Blunt said the woman had done some work for his first wife, Rosann.
Through a statement, Blunt’s campaign said the family knew Nicarguan political refugee Dora Narvaez though some church events.
Narvaez told the Kansas City Star she was the housekeeper for the Blunts briefly in 1990.
The next day, Blunt told the editorial board of the St. Louis Dispatch she was not the house keeper. But they did have someone who came into help clean the house.
Blunt told the St. Louis newspaper he was not even sure if he could recognize the woman.
Wednesday at a campaign stop Blunt was asked by KMBC reporter Micheal Mahoney if he knew the woman.
“That is just nonsense Mike “, said Blunt “and you know it. That’s desperation politics on their side. And there are issues bigger than that . We put a statement out that was true at the time. It was accurate at the time. You can go back and read it.”

Watch The Exchange:

Then Blunt turned around and started to leave. Mahoney shouted at him, “Did you know her or not?
Blunt wheeled around, came directly back to Mahoney and pointed his finger at him, ” We put a statement out on that at the time and it’s exactly accurate. You read it. And you know what it says.
Blunt then turned around quickly again and headed for the door.


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