Funkhouser White Paper, Talks Up Programs Claims Progress is Evident

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser says some of his projects to reform city government are working, despite an apparent lack of progress on some fronts.
Funkhouser met with reporters Wednesday afternoon. He presented copies of a report he has written entitled, ‘Kansas City’s economic future: Creating job by replacing government meddling with organic growth’. The Mayor says the paper is intended to connect the dots of how he views municipal government.
He conceded one reason behind the paper is, “that’s my problem, I often don’t connect the dots often enough.”
The Mayor view is that government has limited functions; public safety; basic services such as plowing the roads; education and “staying out of the road.
He says government sometimes hinders job creation and it’s not good at it in the first place.
He was critical of what he says passes for city economic development is really “speculative real estate” deals.
Funkhouser claims the city’s financial situation has “stabilized”, during his first three years in office. That’s a common theme of his re-election campaign.
He also claims his ‘Schools First’ plan, fixing up the areas around the city’s 210 private public school buildings is working. But the City Council has shown very little interest in supporting that. Funkhouser says his ‘New Tool’ project is working. But plans for an inner city credit have not developed yet.
Funkhouser’s ‘Zone 2-7’, named after 64127 zip code, shows promise. But. He concedes in the paper, funding is an issue. The first grant attempt failed.”Currently we’re seeking grants and private donors for this work in progress”, he writes.
Funkhouser told reporters that Kansas Citians ma not realize his administration is making progress, but they understand it at some level. He also says showing solid progress on many fronts will take time. He says the city is trying to reverse 40 years of decline.

One Response

  1. Well…how about that.

    The Funk started reading the tea leaves (bales), not Chinese, but the Rebs.

    Let’s see if the other candidates fall in behind him…my nose says yes, as it will hit a cord with the voters that the media and the other talking heads haven’t figured out…yet.

    When the other goomba’s figure it out and start making promises to get government out of the way, we might have a real horse race and some promises they’ll have to keep…one can only hope.

    Let the games begin.

    Give the old boy plenty of air time, let’s see what happens. Should be fun.

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