Red Light Camera Supporters Go on Offense

There is push back today on the move to outlaw red light traffic cameras in Missouri. The group in support of the cameras, Missourians For Safer Roads, cites a letter from a top lawyer in the Attorney General’s office.

Missouri Solicitor General,James R. Layton wrote a letter to the sponsor of the red light cameras ban, St. Sen. Jim Lembke.

“State law is silent on the use of cameras to enforce red light ordinances,” Layton wrote,“so an otherwise valid red light ordinance would not conflict with state law merely because it provides for enforcement by camera,”.

Opponents say the use of red light camera in 30 Missouri cities, including Kansas City, is unconstitutional. They say there is no way prosecutors can effectively prove who is driving the violating vehicle at the time of the crime. The bill is now in the State Senate.

Opponents say the proof of the legal weakness of the law is that cities sometimes back away from prosecuting when motorists challenge the ticket.

In a news release from the MFSR group, “Solicitor General Layton also noted that a local red light camera ordinance “does not necessarily conflict with state statute even if the ordinance prohibits more than the statute.”


One Response

  1. safety would be better served if theese lights were correctly timed or had motion sensors. this is about revenue. just how much of each cities budget is supplied by traffic tickets?

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