TKC: Rev Thanks the Legislature for Keeping Him Out of Redistricting Battle

Kansas City Congressman Emanuel Cleaver did not mention the Missouri redistricting battle in his current edition of the ‘EC Insider’, his weekly newsletter.

But he did send a personal letter to five members of the state legislature. He thanked them for their work on, basically keeping him out of the redistricting firefight.

‘Tony’s Kansas City’ blog has a copy of a letter sent from Rep. Cleaver to Sate senators Victor Callahan; Jolie Justus and Kiki Curls. It also went to St. Reps Michael Brown and Jonas Hughes. All of them voted to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of the Republican majority’s Congressional map.

Cleaver thanks the state lawmakers for their work. He mentioned that Missouri was losing a Member of Congress because the state’s population growth did not keep pace with the nation.

He added, “The population dearth in the St. Louis area was going to result in a contraction in eastern Missouri, so no matter what-the problem has been and remains there”.



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