Gilstrap to Run for WyCo State Senate Seat

Former Wyandotte County State Senator Mark Gilstrap wants back in the game.

He announced his intention to run for the 5th District State Senate seat now held by Democrat Kelly Kultala. Gilstrap will be running as a Republican in heavily Democratic Wyandotte County. Some of the 5th district, however, also includes Leavenworth County.

Gilstrap made it clear he will try to make the 2010 one-cent increase in the state sales tax an issue.

“Our current Senator Kelly Kultala, helped lead the charge for the largest tax increase in Kansas history and then increased spending by about 300 million dollars which is irresponsible and unacceptable for my people in the 5th Senate District.” Gilstrap said.

During the last session of the legislature, Republican Governor Sam Brownback made no push to roll that tax back, despite calls for some conservative lawmakers to do so. The election is next year.

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