Northwest Missouri Flooding Spreads

More farm levees failed or were topped in northwest Missouri Thursday.

Emergency Operations Directors in Atchison County report a levee west of Watson Missouri was topped.

The flooding grew more serious in neighboring Holt County when two more levees failed. Water came into the little town of Fortescue. The levee problems are also increasing the risk another small town, Craig, Missouri may also be flooded soon.

Jud Knuevean, the Chief of the Kansas City District of the Army Corps of Engineers says the Corps expects some more failures and toppages of farm levee because they are not built to the same standards as federal levee.

“There is not enough levee and too much water”, he told KMBC 9 News.

There are signs the flooding problem is beginning to move downstream to other Missouri counties.

In Buchanan County, south of St. Joseph, Missouri, workers spent a second day trying to preserve the Sugar Lake levee near Lewis and Clark Village.

Water was seeping over the top of the levee at two points Thursday. Local residents got help from prison inmates in laying sand bags on top of the soggy levee.

“I think we got it stopped just in time”, said Shane Hartman. He was one of the men shuttling sand bags to the trouble spots.

But early Thursday evening, the levee was topped by flood waters at one small spot on the levee. Water was pouring into the neighboring farm fields.


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