TEA Party Convo in KCK Cancelled Organizer Worried Movement May be “Riderless”

(Freedom Jamboree Organizer William Temple)

An effort to produce a Tea Party national political convention scheduled for this fall in Kansas City, Kansas has been cancelled.

It’ organizer says the movement’s intensity may also be dwindlilng.

“It appears the Tea Party horse is riderless, and riding off in all directions at once,” said William Temple the Chairman of the Freedom Jamboree

The event was supposed toi have the feel of a giant country fair, but with a political agenda.

Temple had hoped to attract the entire Republican field of presidential candidiates to the event. The centerpiece was to be a convention-style straw poll to test the preference of Tea Party members.

Temple was clear from the start that there would be no formal ‘nomination’ handed out nor an national endorsement. But He hoped the event would galvanize the movement for 2012.

“Freedom Jamboree could have been the Tea Party movement’s “Yorktown,”, he wrote in his letter announcing the event’s cancellation.

“Our committee started with the idea that it was essential to our movement that the Tea Parties show up and put on a defiant national face this year, and get behind Tea Party candidates (those who have supported our cause), whoever that turned out to be. Whether that can happen in 2012 now is debatable.

Temple says only 62 groups had committed to the Jamboree. He says he received permission to use the now closed Woodland Race Track in KCK rent-free. He also said he was able to obtain good rates for other Jamboree related elements.

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