Brownback Tweeter Changing Story

Emma Sullivan

18- year old Emma Sullivan, the high school student who’s insulting tweet of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback started a social media whirlwind, is changing key elements of her story.

Monday Nov. 21, Sullivan tweeted to her 60 followers, on Twitter during a trip to Topeka and the state capital that included a meeting with the Govenor, “just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot”.

Her twitter account jumped from about 60 followers on Nov. 21 to more than 10,000 Monday, after news reports about the Governor’s office’s complaints  to her school. Her sister e-mail news organizations saying Emma Sullivan was in trouble at school because of her tweet.

On Monday, Sullivan backed away from her claim that her principal at Shawnee Mission East High School in suburban Kansas City was ordering her to write a letter of apology. The school was made aware of the tweet by the Governor’s staff. They who monitor social media remarks mentioning Brownback.

“I’m not surprised”, she said at hearing the news the school district was not ordering her to write a letter of apology to Brownback.

Sullivan now claims there was no order for her to ever do so.

It was kind of implied”, she told KMBC 9 news Monday.

“Not recommended, but strongly (implied) I should write the letter.”

On Nov. 23 Sullivan’s sister e-mailed reporters claiming, “The administration of SME is now making my sister write a letter of apology to Brownback and his staff.”

Brownback, in an effort to tamp the story down, said his staff “over-reacted” to Sullivan’s tweet. For that, he says, he apologizes.

Sullivan has also altered her claim about who was the intended target of her message.

She says the message was intended as a series of tweet back and forth from other students at the same event. She said others were making comments on Twitter, too.

But she said no other students mentioned Brownback by name.

“It was one of those things, you had to be there”, she now says.

“All my friends who were there with me, they all had  similar tweets”.

The interest in the story may continue for a while. Sullivan is considering traveling to New York later this week for a round of news interviews.

5 Responses

  1. Whoever wrote this article needs to utilize an editor and/or spellcheck. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. This article should be edited. Do people write rough and final drafts of anything anymore? Has the art of written journalism become this lazy?

    Also, naturally her story is changing. If you were 18 and getting as much unnecessary coverage as this story is, you would retract and reform just as much information.


  3. Let’s remember a couple things. This young lady was not representing herself. She was there on behalf of her school. Let anyone go to the halls of the capitol, yell as loud as they can how they don’t like the governor. No sweat. Protest. Hold signs high. Whatever. But when she and fellow classmates were there as Shawnee Mission East students, things change.

    I’m reminded of the women’s basketball player a couple yeras back who turned her back during the pledge before a game. Had she been playing as an individual, no harm, no foul. However, because she was representing a school (and wearing a jersey that said as much) she was wrong. Out of line.

    Moreover, why did their teacher allow the use of cell phones during a speech??? THAT was probably the most offensive part of the whole story.

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