Update: Martin Blasts Koster on Health Care as He Enters AG Race

The new Republican challenger for Missouri Attorney General, Ed Martin, wasted no time in blasting Democratic incumbent Chris Koster.
Martin, in an interview with ’20 Pounds’, said the Koster’s legal work for the state on the health care challenges is “embarrassing to Missouri”.
Martin accused Koster of poorly representing the state in the various challenges to the new federal health care law. He made it clear it would be a cornerstone of his campaign to unseat the first-term Democrat.
“I’m almost obsessed with ‘Obamacare’ and how it is impacting the state,” he said.
Martin announced his decision to switch from the Republican primary for the Missouri second district to the Attorney General’s race Thursday. He is the only republican in the race, so far. Filing for Missouri offices is scheduled to start February 28.
Martin told ’20 Pounds’ he has been considering the move for several weeks.
“Around Christmastime my wife Carol and I started thinking about it,” he said.
Martin was first in the Republican primary for the US Senate nomination. Then he switched to running for Congress from the Mo-2, in the St. Louis area.
He was facing an uphill battle for the GOP Congressional nomination against Missouri Republican power player Ann Wagner. Her nomination now seems all but certain.
The AP reports he made the switch, “while attempting to link Democratic incumbent Chris Koster with President Barack Obama”. Martin is the only announced Republican in the race.
He also said with no other apparent challengers to the incumbent Attorney General, Martin wants to hold Koster accountable.
Within minutes, Koster ‘welcomed’ Martin into the campaign.
He said he looked forward to a discussion of the issues.
Koster added in 2008, Missourians elected a courtroom prosecutor to the post. Koster was the Cass County Prosecutor. He flipped parties to run and win as a Democrat.
He added Missouri voters liked that in 2008.
“In 2012, I’m confident they will do that again”.
In a statement, Missouri GOP Chairman David Cole re-enforced Martin’s message, that the main campaign theme will be the federal healthcare law.
“Ed will fight against job-killing mandates, such as “Obamacare”, he said.
Martin also says Koster has not done enough to combat what Martin calls the environmental Protection Agency’s “stiffling” of the Missouri economy and Missouri farmers.
Missouri Democrats immediately jabbed back at Martin’s frequent campaign switches.
“We welcome Ed to the race for how ever long he stays”, according to Missouri Democratic spokeswoman Catlin Legacki.


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