McCaskill Says she Thought About Making Mischief on Primary Vote

McCaskill in KC Monday

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill admitted to reporters she considered casting an absentee Republican ballot for Tuesday’s beauty contest primary. “I was tempted to pull a GOP ballot”, she said at. Kansas City news conference. “It would have been making mischief”.
McCaskill did not say which Republican she might have voted for.
The Democrat says she agrees with some who call the primary a waste of $7 million in state money.
The results if the election won’t count. The Republican National Committee will not recognize the primary results. Instead Missouri’s GOP delegate selection process starts with caucuses in mid March. McCaskill says having an election that does not count confuses voters.
She also thinks Missouri would have been better off using the $7 million going to the beauty contest primary and redirecting that money towards higher education in the state.


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