Steelman’s “60 Day Solution” to Washington’s Problems

Missouri Republican senate candidate Sarah Steelman says there are ways to make big cuts in federal spending. She claims some of it can be done in two months.
Steelman has a Kansas City news conference Friday afternoon to explain the plan. Her campaign calls it “Sarah’s Show-Me Solutions for the First 60 Days”.
Steelman’s campaign says she has a specific list to save more than $97 billion dollars in Washington spending. Much of the savings comes from repealing the Affordable health Care Act. Steelman calls it “Obamacare”. She says that would save $95 billion dollars.
the non-partisan organization, ‘PolitiFact’, however, says that’s a false claim by Steelman and other Republicans, such as presidential candidiate Mitt Romney.
‘PolitiFact says the $95 billion number is arrived at from a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis that did not factor other elements, including revenue increases included in the bill, into the equation. “PolicFact says another CBO report shows the deficit would rise by repealing the health care law.
In a news release Steelman says the only part of the Kansas City economy that is growing seems to be the federal payroll.
“With resources such as the Missouri River, the second longest beltway in the country, and a reputation as one of America’s largest logistical hubs should be thriving. Instead we have the Federal government as the single largest employer in the area. This is just plain wrong,” she says in the news release.
With the beginning of the Missouri Republican Party’s ‘Lincoln Days’ gathering Kansas City this weekend, Steelman appears to be intensifying her campaign.
In addition to the 60-day plan she’s rolling out at an afternoon news conference, Steelman’s first campaign commercial of the cycle starts a limited run on the Fox news channel on cable companies in some parts of Missouri.
Steeman is one of three Republicans running for the Republican US Senate nomnination. The others are Rep. Todd Akin and St. Louis businessman John Brunner. The winner of the August primary will likely face Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.


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