Kander Calls for Missouri Legislature to Act Fast, Restore Campaign Ethics

Kansas City state lawmaker, Rep. Jason Kander, a Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, says the Missouri Legislature should act quickly to restore the ethics law struck down last week by the Missouri Supreme Court.
Kander says the main thrust of the law is not the problem. He claims it was struck down on a procedural violation. Kander was the cosponsor of the 2012 bill the court threw out.
“The fall elections are coming up quickly and we as a state need to decide if we want those elections conducted in a transparent and ethical manner or if we want to become known as the ethical cesspool of American politics, Kander said in a news release.”
Kander wants a ban on political committee-to-political committee money transfers. That’s often used as a method of hiding the original contributors.
Another element is immediate reports of contributions of $500 or more to lawmakers during the session.
The new measure would restore campaign contribution limits; $500 for state House races; $1,000 for state Senate races and $2,000 for state-wide campaigns.
Kander’s new bill would make it a felony to obstruct an ethics investigation. His first bill made the act a misdemeanor.
Kander’s 2010 law also increases the power of the Missouri Ethics Commission.


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