McCaskill Broadens TV Ad Campaign. 2nd Commercial to Debut During MU-KU Basketball Game

Missouri Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill’s second comercial of the campaign season runs this weekend. The Mccaskill campaign commrcial stresses her support for Missouri veterans.
It will be first broadcast during the Big 12 game between M-U and K-U.


One Response

  1. McCaskill is a corrupt, thieving, lying politician. As her why she took part in the greatest fraud perpetrated against the American electorate.

    She and Pelosi, along with Obama the Usurper, deliberately misled the public by portraying Obama as an eligible candidate for POTUS. An admitted dual citizen, Obama can never be eligible for POTUS, even with the election behind him, he remains ineligible.

    McCaskill hid facts, lied for Obama, and had proved herself unworthy of the public trust that she demands.

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