Rumsfeld Warns Defense Cuts Could Lead to Return of Security Gaps

(AP) – Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tells military officers that any perceived weakness in U.S. power is a greater threat to the country than another nation or terrorist cell.

Rumsfeld said Friday during a speech at Fort Leavenworth that past cuts in defense and intelligence spending led to gaps in security. He cautions it could happen again under current tight federal budgets.

Rumsfeld served under Presidents Gerald Ford and George W. Bush and was in charge of the Pentagon during the start of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He retired in 2006.

He spoke to more than 1,000 U.S. and international officers at the northeast Kansas post, then signed copies of his memoir, “Known and Unknown,” for the public. He has been touring the country promoting the book.

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  1. A few observations. First Rumsfeld was never one to plan anything. He only looked at the goal and never the process to acheive it or what to do after the goal was reached.

    As for American Security problems, we need to refocus our military back towards defense and less on offense. The reason we have gaps is because we are to far streched out across the globe and we do not need to be. We need to regroup back at home and fix our problems here and allow the rest of the world to work itself out.

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