McCaskill Says Missourians Should Vote on If Limbaugh Bust Should be Placed in Missouri Capitol Hall of Fame

Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill says she’s running a poll on her campaign website, should a bust of conservative radio talk shot host Rush Limbaugh be placed in the state capitol’s hall of famous Missourians.
Limbaugh was raised in Cape Giradeau. He still has family there. He worked in Kansas City radio for KMBZ and for the Kansas City Royals baseball team.
In an interview with KMBC TV McCaskill said, “I really don’t think, in light of what Rush Limbaugh said last week, and what Limbaugh did in terms the criticism he made of Michael J. Fox in 2006–accusing him of acting when he was ill with Parkinson’s–I just think this is probably not the right decision. But I want to hear from everyone else and hear what they think.”
McCaskill has put the poll on her campaign website, ‘’.
The reference to the actor Michael J Fox recalls a powerful campaign commercial Fox cut on McCaskill’s behalf when she was running against incumbent republican Jim Talent. The issue dealt with Talent’s opposition to embryonic stem cell research and it’s potential to research the causes of Parkinson’s disease.
Fox spoke directly to the camera, shaking badly because of his affliction. Limbaugh accused him of using his acting skills to exaggerate the problem.
Some of the famous Missourians in the capitol include Walt Disney; Omar Bradley; Harry Truman; Mark Twain and recently John ‘Buck’ O’Neil, the famous Negro League baseball player from Kansas City.
The same sculptor that created O’Neil’s bust, E. Spencer Schubert of Kansas City, is now working on the Limbaugh project.
“I just think that the people are currently represented in th hall of fame of Missouri in the state capitol represents the very best our state has to offer to this country and the world”, said McCaskill.
The decision to add a bust of Limbaugh was made by House Speaker Steve Tilley last fall.
Today he told reporters in Jefferson City, Limbaugh certainly qualifies for the honor. Tilley said with his millions of radio listeners, Limbaugh might be ‘the most famous Missourian’.
McCaskill also says the woman who started the latest controversy, Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law school student, who Limbaugh called a “slut” and a “prostitute”, might be able to sue Limbaugh. She testified on Capitol Hill in favor of the Obama Administration position about contraception availability.
” I think she probably could,” said McCaskill speaking of Fluke, “She’s not a public figure.”
McCaskill is a former Jackson County Prosecutor.
McCaskill believes Limbaugh’s apology didn’t cover his sarcastic claim the broadcaster wanted to watch sex tapes of the woman.
“I thought that would be something a lot of juries would find actionable,” said McCaskill..

2 Responses

  1. Missouri Hall of Fame should be something all Missourians are proud of, not just men and not just conservative men. Let us prove this is more than a” good old boy” state,,it is time for Missouri to grow up and the men who live here to mature. We cannot continue to live in this misogynistic state of mind. Rush has said too many things wrong too many times and insulted too many Missourians…at least half of us. We finally got the right to vote…I vote no.

  2. Good job Senator Rush shouldnt be part of Hall of Fame because its a shame what he has said & no that was not acceptable apology.Missourians please respond to this about Rush story reguarding this matter this is very serious matter this guy need to be off air.All his supporters need to stop helping him.

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