Missouri Democrats Want to Change the Rules on Who Gets In Capitol Hall of Famous Missourians

The fallout from the Rush Limbaugh bust controversy continues.
Today House Democrats in Jefferson City proposed changing the rules for who gets in to the ‘Hall of Famous Missourians’.
This developed because of the controversy over remarks made by Missouri native, conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh.
Now, it is up to the Speaker of the Missouri House to determine who gets in. The Democrats describe it as an institution that doesn’t legally exist. The House Speaker decides who is included. traditionally, the Speaker then raises the money to have a bust sculpted and placed in the state capitol.
Noteworthy Missourians with busts in the capitol include Mark Twain, Omar Bradley and former President Harry Truman.
Under the Democrat’s’ plan, the screening panel would be expanded. In order to achieve the honor, a nominee would have to get the votes of three of the four following officials; the Speaker; The Senate president pro tem; House minority leader and Senate minority leader.
Democrats say they’ll try to attach this plan to a bill already making its way the legislature.
Earlier, Democrats asked the state’s Office of Administration to deny providing space for any Limbaugh bust.

3 Responses

  1. I can think of several who would be very good Hall of Famous Missourians. Here are three:

    1. Virginia Louisa Minor. Women can vote today because of women like her. She was the very first person to start an organization solely for the purpose of women’s suffrage and was its first president – 1876.

    2. Marie Turner Harvey. A champion of educatuon in rural schools. Principal of the Normal School’s Model Rural School in 1910.

    Click to access The%20Effect%20of%20One%20Woman.pdf

    3. Doris Akers was an American Gospel music composer, arranger and singer. Known for her work with the Sky Pilot Choir, she was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

    That’s just 3 I can think of …. there are many more who are worthy and should not faced controversy.

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    […]Missouri Democrats Want to Change the Rules on Who Gets In Capitol Hall of Famous Missourians « 20 Pounds Of Headlines[…]…

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