Local Local Woman to Be Honored at White House for Health Care Reform Work

The White House announced today a Kansas City area woman, Alice Kitchen, will be honored as one of ten ‘Champions of Change’, for her work on health care.
Kichen is the Volunteer Co-Chair of the Affordable Care Act Public Education Committee for metropolitan Kansas City.
The White House says Kitchen and another, Sarah Stearns, made over 35 presentations of the new Affordable Health Care Act (health care reform).
The new release says, “These ACA education sessions were targeted to seniors, women’s groups, churches, trade groups, small businesses, as well as health professionals. She has connected local health care advocacy groups to public library system, television, radio, and news organizations resulting in coverage to readers and viewers in the metro market. Kitchens is active in the passage of federal level COBRA, HIPPA, and at the state level-Missouri SB 190, HB 595, HB 623 and Kansas SB on health insurance coverage for midlife women.
The event honoring Kitch and the others starts at 12;15 CDT.
It can be watched on line at http://www.whitehouse.gov./champions
The Champions program was set up by the obama Administration to honor people who the administration feels is making a difference. The event is part of the White House publicity campaign to mark the second anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act


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