Schweich Backs Off GOP Senate Primary Bid

Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich.

Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich flirted with, but backed away from running for the Republican nomination for the US Senate.
"After several days of consultations with family, friends, and supporters, I have decided to continue my work as Missouri Auditor – a job which I enjoy, and which allows me to make a positive contribution to the people of Missouri every day. I will not enter the U.S. Senate primary", he said in a statement.
Schweich made the announcement through a statement Tuesday afternoon.
Several weeks ago, Schweich started speculation he was going to enter the primary. Several supporters, with Schweich’s blessing, filed paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service to start raising money for his campaign.
The move triggered speculation that the current GOP Senate field of Rep. Todd akin, John Brunner and former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman was not strong enough to take on Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.
A recent poll shows McCaskill trailing all potential Republican opponents, including Schweich.
Schweich’s potential entry also sparked some angry words within the state GOP.
Today, Schweich indicated part of his decision to stay kit may be based on party unity.
"I further determined that my entry into the Senate race would make the GOP primary situation much more contentious, and would, therefore, not increase the chances of defeating Claire McCaskill in November."
Unless there is another surprise before the late March filing deadline, the field of Akin, Brunner and Steelman seems set for the August primary.


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