Green Faces Unhappy ACE Parents and Boosters Sunday

ACE Parent and Attorney Dana Cutler (left) questions KC Superintendent Stephen Green (right) at Sunday meeting.

Kansas City, Missouri School Superintendent Stephen Green faced an unhappy crowed of parents and supporters of the African Centered Education (ACE) schools at a Sunday afternoon meeting.

Last week, Green announced the district was ending it’s twenty-plus year associated with the administrators of the ACE program. He says the district has a problem with the ACE administration finances. ACE supporters deny anything is wrong with their books.

“I have no real problem with any program,” Green says of the ACE academics.

Our challenge is with the management structure”, he said.

He called the ACE financial structure “incompatible” with the district.

A number of parents urged green to leave the ACE school structure alone.

Jackson County Legislator James Tindall likened the situation to the churches he supervises as a Bishop.

He said when they have a problem with a particular congregation they deal with it, they don’t shut down the churchy.

Green also told the crowd he supported the concept of African Center Education.

“I’m committed to African centered education, I tell you that, right now”.

Several parents and supporters criticized Green for his move on the ACE program. They said the district should be concentrating on preparing students for the approaching Missouri state tests that are tied to accreditation.

Green told the crowd he is “very sure”, the district will be meeting five, maybe six accreditation standards by the summer. He predicted that would be enough to regain provisional accreditation. The district needs to meet nine of the state 14 standards to re-gain full accreditation.


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