Another Rally Planned for Capitol Today, the Only Way Rush & Women’s Rights Get Together

A day after a big rally at the Missouri State Capitol Tuesday, another is in the works for Wednesday (see previous post).
Opponents of President Obama’s health care law staged a rally Tuesday urging Missouri lawmakers not to set up the new law’s state health exchange.
Wednesday, organizers of the ‘Rally Against Rush and for Women’s Health’, say they’ll gather at the state capitol.
Democratic Floor Leader Tishaura Jones and others will voice their objections to Rush Limbaugh, a bust in his honor in the capitol and legislation pending in the General Assembly. Jones, and others, think at least two proposed measures attack access to birth control.
Tuesday the Republican legislature moved ahead on two fronts.
The State Senate passed a bill letting employers refuse to provide health insurance coverage for birth control in some instances.
The House passed a bill permitting some health providers to refuse to be involved in procedures that may object to on moral or religious grounds.
Organizers of the Wednesday rally say they will deliver 35,000 letter to House Speaker Steve Tilley and Governor Jay Nixon.
Tilley authorized a bust of the conservative broadcaster be placed in the Hall of Famous Missourians in the state capitol. It became a cause after Limbaugh caught heat from the political left for calling woman who testified before Congress for access to birth control under the Affordable Health Care Act a “slut”.
A news release says the rally starts at 12:45 near the Riverside Fountain on the state capitol’s north side.

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