Missouri Council for the Blind Launches Petition Drive to Fight for Funding

The Missouri Council for the Blind has launched an on-line petition drive to save a portion of it’s state funding.
In a news release, the Council says in three days, 540 people have signed the petition since it appearance on the website http://www.moblind.org.
The money for service for 2,800 blind Missourians turned into a political football in House hearings on the budget.
Money was scaled back as lawmakers scrambled to add money to the state’s Higher Education budget. .
The Council for the Blind the budget move affects the medical coverage of blind Missourians. The council claims 70% of the people who would be affected are unemployed, many others who have a job, they say, work in shelter workshops for low wages.
The President of the Missouri Council of the Blind, Denny Huff, says, “We have been very proactive but it’s time to reach out to the public for help on this issue.”

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