Arthur Benson Defeated for KC School Board Re-election

KC School Board member Arthur Benson loses his re-election campaign to challenger Jon Hile.

The man who may have done the most to impact the Kansas. City School District over the last generation, has lost his bid to be re-elected to the Kansas City School Board.
With 90% of the vote in from the Kansas City Election Board, School Board member Arthur Arthur Benson trails his first district challenger Jon Hill by 12 points.
Hile has 461 votes. Benson has 363 votes.
Benson was the lead attorney in the Kansas City school desegregation case.
The judgement from years of litigation, often led by Benson it a landmark chapter in the saga of the troubled district.
The case led to a billion dollars of state and local spending in the district; a massive busing plan and charter and magnet schools.
Benson was elected to school board as a reformer he promised to clear out the patronage politics that riddled the district.
He became a staunch defender of former Superintendent John Covington, only to be stunned when Covington abruptly quit his Kansas City job.
The Benson/Hile race was the Only Kansas City School Board race where candidates formally files for office.
12 other candidates, including School Board President Airick West and incumbent Duane Kelly offered write-in campaigns.
The results from the three campaigns with write-in candidates only won’t be known for several days.
Election Board Commissioner Shawn Kieffer says it could take 7-10 days to count the write-in votes by hand.

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