Romney Quotes Truman in StL NRA Speech

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney invoked the heritage of Missouri’s Democratic President Harry Truman in his St. Louis speech Friday before the national Rifle Association convention.
Romney noted that Truman once said the US Constitution has to be regarded as current expressions of American beliefs, not just documents of history.
"Truman believed, as we do, that the principles of our Constitution are enduring and universal…that they were not designed to bend to the will of presidents and justices who come and go," Romney said.
The GOP front runner says President Obama does not respect the constitution as the nation’s founders envisioned.


Instead of limited government, he is leading us toward limited freedom and limited opportunity," Romney stated.

Romney charged that many of the President’s policies, from his health care reforms to his plans to revive the economy call for too much government regulation. He says those regulations inhibit American freedom.

"Under President Obama, bureaucrats are insinuating themselves into every corner of our economy, undermining economic freedom. They prevent drilling rigs from going to work in the Gulf. They keep coal from being mined. They impede the reliable supply of natural gas. They tell farmers what their children can and can’t do to help on the farm."

Romney told the NRA delegates that the US once led the world in innovation, construction and business. Now he say the US lead the world in lawsuits.

He says if he is elected, along with a Republican majority in the Senate, and a continuing GOP majority in the House, the threat to freedom he fears will be thwarted.

"Instead of expanding the government, I will shrink it.

Instead of raising taxes, I will cut them.

Instead of adding regulations, I will scale them back.

The answer for a weak economy is not more government. It is more freedom!"

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