Martin Files Ethics Complaint in Roger Wilson MEM Scandal

Republican candidate for Attorney General Ed Martin has filed a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission in connection with the Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM) scandal.
Former Democratic Governor Roger Wilson and St. Louis attorney Ed Griesedieck’s pleaded guilty last week of misappropriating the insurance company’s money. A total of $8,000 was illegally donated to the Missouri Democratic Party from MEM.
Martin blames Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster for not moving on the case.
"Whether due to his own legal problems in abiding by campaign finance laws or his unwillingness to cross his patron Nixon, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has refused to enforce the law and, in his place, I will act to protect Missourians," said Martin in a news release.
Martin may face Koster in the fall election for Attorney General. Koster is seeking a second term.
In his news release, Martin attached a copy of his complaint to the Ethics Commission.
On the form where the complainant is asked to outline the complaint, Martin attached a copy of the St. Louis Business Journal news report in the guilty pleas by Wilson and Griesedieck.


One Response

  1. If Mr. Martin knew anything about the position he aspires to he would know that under Missouri law the Ethics Commission investigates these issues, not the Attorney General, and that the Attorney General can file original criminal charges only when a local prosecutor asks for help.

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