Moran Told There May Be More Investigations Underway into GSA Spending

An Inspector General for the troubled General Services Administration (GSA) told Kansas Senator Jerry Moran there may be more than one investigation underway into the GSA.
Genera Brian Miller testified at the Senate Appropriations Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee meeting Wednesday.
The GSA is under intense scrutiny after it was revealed top administrators threw a lavish Las Vegas party for GSA officials from its western regions. The 2010 4-day conference cost more than $800,00 in taxpayer money.
After the scandal broke, GSA Administrator Martha Johnson resigned and some other top officials were fired.
Moran asked General Miller how many GSA investigation were underway.
Miller indicates the Western Conference party may not be the only one.
“It’s a little difficult because, as I said in my opening statement, every time we turn over a stone, we find 50 more – and we find other instances. You know, even today, we found out that the wife of the regional commissioner had a parking space throughout the year of 2012 at the federal building,”,Miller said.
He added, “We did report on western regions conference, and we have a number of ongoing investigations”.
Miller also told the committee they were working with the Department of justice to see if there any possibility of criminal indictments stemming from the Las Vegas party.
Miller says the results of some of the other investigations have not be released yet.


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