Update: KC Union Chief: ” I’m Amazed Romney Has the Balls to Come to Kansas City

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The President of the Kansas City AFL-CIO, Pat ‘Duke’ Dujakovich brought presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s record in private business back into the campaign.
Hours before Romney was to be hat a private Kansas City fund raiser, Dujakovich point out Romney’s firm, Bain Capital, and it’s role in a failed Kansas City steel plant, know as GST.
The plant filed for bankruptcy eight years after Bain bought control. About 700 workers lost their jobs. According to news reports, Bain made money.
A federal agency, however, had to step in and restore the worker’s pension funds.
“I’m just amazed of the balls Romney gas to come to Kansas City after what he did to GST”, Dujakovich told reporters.
Dujakovich and a former GST worker who is now a Democratic activist in Kansas City condemned Romney’s second visit to the Kansas City metro this year.
“Of all the places you can go and raise money, don’t show your face in Kansas City,” Dujakovich charged, “you really got a bad name.”
The only it is thought Romney ever talked about the Kansas City steel plant was during a March 13 interview with KMBC TV. Romney was pressed on the issue in the brief interview.
When he was asked if he had anything to say the plant’s former workers, he replied, ” Anytime anyone loses a job, it is a personal tragedy. You never want to see a business shed jobs, become unprofitable or close down. No one wants that to happen. You always want enterprises to be successful.”
Romney’s role in private business was a white hot issue in the South Carolina primary. Romney list the state.
Some Republicans urged Romney’s challengers at the time to back away from the issue.
The Kansas City steel plant was not the only American steel plant struggling in that era.
Cheap steel from Asia was undercutting US prices. GST was not the only American steel plant to fail in those times. Ban’s overall record in turning around business was quite good. The Wall Street Journal Reported the company had. 78% success rate. Romney’s early evening Kanas City fund raiser was by invitation only. It was closed to reporters.


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  1. These kinds of stories are laughable. Who brought this story to the headlines, you or the former employee/union president/Democratic strategist? Might as well have Obama himself at that interview saying “I’m amazed Romney had the balls to show his face in Kansas City”. What’s amazing is that Bain Capital had a 78% success record and you guys are focused on the 22% failure, all because Bain still made money off of the bankruptcy. I bet its still not near what they wanted if the company had become a success. The company was going to go under anyways. Mr. Dujakovich makes it sound like Romney wanted the plant to close. Did you even bother to “press” the Duke on his assertions? No, I’m sure you didn’t. Let the Democratic strategist pull the strings of the local press and then finish with a tiny bit a truth with one sentence at the end of the story…..Oh yeah, by the way, 4 out of 5 companies were turned around and successful by Bain capital, saving thousands if not tens of thousands of jobs.

  2. I believe that the correct figures are that 4 out of 5 companies that Bain Capital took over went bankrupt, and Bain made money on three of them.

    • No, according to the Wall Street Journal, 78% of them were a sucess

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