Jordan Says DMV Computer Problems Fixed

Long lines have been common at the Johnson County DMV office in Mission.

From KMBC:
TOPEKA, Kan. –

Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan says problems with a new computer system that delayed Kansas vehicle and title registrations have been resolved.

Kansas is implementing a new system that will merge vehicle registrations and titles and eventually link to driver’s license records. Jordan says the issues that caused the system to bog down Monday and Tuesday were related to routine maintenance performed Sunday night.

The Division of Vehicles worked with 3M to fix the problems and restore service. 3M is the vendor supplying the new $40 million system.

Problems with the system caused delays and led to long lines and the closing of vehicle registration stations.

Officials are urging residents to register their vehicles online to avoid delays. They’ve also extended expiration dates for registrations with April and May deadlines.


One Response

  1. The problems continue, see the KC Star article of 6/10/12, and no resolution for the long waits impacting Johnson County customers (and others) is readily at hand. Nor, is anyone taking accountability or forthcoming with information on the cost to taxpayers to fix the problems or the true reason for the continuing problems. No one is evening mentioning the other conversion of driver license bureaus to the new software in October. I have sought answers and spoken to my county commissioner and state representative with no real results. Many others including the State DMV Department, Senator Merrick and Michael Mahoney have failed responded to either emails or calls. It is beginning to sound like the Secretary of Revenue Nick Jordan has effectively silenced his critics and is keep information withheld hoping the problems resolve themselves and everyone has a short memory. I have initiated a petition drive seeking the resignation or termination of Mr. Jordan due to this blatant and irresponsible failure to administer the conversion in an effective manner. Problems are to be expected, but the scope of the problem, the cost to fix and the lack of real communication and accountability is the issue that needs to be addressed. Action is needed now.

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