Commentator David Gergen on the Missouri Sebate Race, Super PACs and Did Bill Clinton His Fastball

Commentator David Gergen

Political analyst David Gergen told a Kansas City crowd that that the top of the ticket, the presidential campaign in Missouri, may be the real key to the state’s US Senate race.

Gergen was the speaker at a Greater Chamber of Commerce Thursday in downtown Kansas City.

The latest poll, by the Democratic leaning, by the firm, Public Policy Polling, gave the President a one-point lead, 45-44 over Mitt Romney.. That poll was in the field in late May.

“Increasingly, Senate candidates are tied to the coattails of the presidential candidate”, Gergen said in an interview with KMBC TV

Much of McCaskill’s current campaign in centered on knocking groups like ‘Crossroads GPS’ and the US Chamber of Commerce. Last week, she called them ‘front groups” for anonymous conservative money.

Gergen, however, says McCaskill is not unique. He says Super PACs all over the nation are targeting the other side’s vulnerable candidates.

“I live in Massachusetts, we’ve got a Republican Senator, Scott Brown,” said Gergen.

“Money is pouring in for Elizabeth Warren, his Democratic opponent. So it happens both ways.”

Gergen predicts the Super PACs will continue to be a major factor in the 2012 campaign and maybe for a couple of more years. But he also expects Congress to try and add more transparency to the Super PAC process.

Gergen appears on CNN as part of its political coverage. He is also on the faculty at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

In the interview, he defended former President Bill Clinton.

Democrats have been criticizing the former President for advocating an extension of the Bush era tax cuts. Clinton has also stated recently he thinks the US continues to be in a recession. Both statements are at odds with the Obama re-election campaign

Gergen called it ‘insulting’ for some Democrats to complain about Clinton. Some hint, at age 65, he may has ‘lost some of his fastball’.

“I think whether he consciously decided it or not, I think he was trying to nudge President Obama to change his campaign tactics.”


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