SE Missouri Candidate for Congress Calls for Decriminalizing Pot

SEMO Times via Johncombest:
In a town hall setting, Eight District U.S. Congressional candidate Bob Parker announced his support for the federal decriminalization of marijuana.
In response to a question from the audience at a regular meeting of the Poplar Bluff for Liberty group, Parker stated if elected he would support efforts to decriminalize marijuana, leaving it to the states to decide the matter.
While groups such as NORMAL support Parker’s stance, his announcement has been met with a skeptical response locally. Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney Russ Oliver stated: “Marijuana is a gateway to other drugs such as methamphetamine, and Stoddard County as well as every other county in Southeast Missouri needs federal cooperation and help to combat this problem.”
Incumbent Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson’s campaign called Parker’s positon, “ridiculous”.
“Drugs can destroy a person, a family and a whole community. Saying that decriminalizing drugs will make them go away – especially when those drugs are highly addictive substances like methamphetamine and cocaine – is an irresponsible statement that puts innocent Missourians in danger. Drug use affects bystanders like children and neighbors, people on our roads and in their own homes. It is not OK to sell drugs, move them between states and smuggle them into our country,” said Josh Haynes, Emerson staffer.


5 Responses

  1. Isn’t Bob simply saying that it is more in keeping with our original constitutional framework to leave this to the States rather than making it a Federal matter? How well is our drug enforcement laws being upheld by our current attorney General. He is suing states who are simply trying to enforce laws to protect that states citizens, instead of enforcing his laws against drugs. I don’t think Bob is saying he favors smoking marijuana, I think he was addressing it from a State’s rights perspective. Sure it maybe easy to twist what Bob actually said, but State sovereignty needs to be re-instituted in all matters.

  2. I know Bob Parker very well and he is NOT for legalizing marijuan.

  3. Seems to me that Mr. Parker is only saying that drugs should be a state’s rights issue. I tend to agree. One thing is for certain, the federal government’s war on drugs hasn’t worked. Maybe the states could find some solutions.

  4. In the first place the “question” did NOT come from the audience as stated by the “reporter” Josh Haynes and HE KNOWS IT WAS JOSH HAYNES WHO ASKED THE QUESTION. He also knows Bob Parker NEVER said he was for decriminalization of ANY drug, including marijuana. What Bob Parker DID say was it is NOT IN THE US CONSTITUTION FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO GET INVOLVED, PERIOD. IT IS A STATES RIGHTS ISSUE! But being on the staff of Jo Ann Emerson requires a person to be a liar like their boss so they can do CYA damage control. Hey, Josh, how does it feel to be a lying lackey for a LOOSER? And I am not afraid to sign my name.

    Eldon Wright


    In my previous post I mis spoke as to the “reporter” being Josh Haynes. It was Scott Faughn but Scott is the one who asked the question with the full intent of lying about the answer and then feeding it to Josh. I stand by the fact that Bob Parker DID NOT say what is reported in the above article. In fact, the article in itself is libelous and could be grounds for legal action by those of us who support Bob Parker.

    Eldon Wright

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