Brunner Rips Steelman for Power & Light Support, Akin on Earmarks & Debt Votes

Missouri US Senate candidate John Brunner opened up another phase of his criticism of primary rivals, Rep. Todd Akin and former Treasurer Sarah Steelman.
The Brunner campaign put up websites detailing what it calls the “numerous inconsistent and unreliable voters Treasurer Steelman and Congressman Akin have cast during their extended tenures as career politicians”.
The Brunner campaign pointed out Steelman’s support for the Kansas City downtown revitalization project that became known as the “Power and Light District”. The financing of the project was done with financing similar to the tax increment program where part of the sales tax revenues from a designated zone goes back into paying off the bonds. The Power and Light District has never met its financial expectations since it has opened.
The website says Steelman “even sponsored costly super TIF legislation that was the pet project of a Democrat Kansas City Mayor”.
That’s a reference to former KC Mayor Kay Barnes.
The area has struggled since it first opened and continues to receive a multi-million dollar annual subsidy from City Hall.
The entertainment district sits across the street from the successful Sprint Center Arena, which was financed by a tax increase on Kansas the bills from Kansas city’s hotels, restaurants, bars and Kansas City car rentals.
The Brunner site is called It also points out as a State senator she voted for an extension of the 6-cent gasoline tax that was set to expire in 2008. Later that year voters also handily defeated a 4-cent-a gallon gax tax hike.
Earlier this month, Steelman told a debate audience she had never voted for any tax increase. She has been campaigning for the Republican nomination as a budget hawk saying the key to reestablishing the economy is to cut many government programs and reduce spending
Rival Todd Akin is also targeted for his Congressional record, especially on earmarks and raising the debt ceiling limit.
Brunner’s campaign site for that has a similar name. It is called,
From 2008-2011,the years the compete records are available Akin asked for almost $105 million in earmarks on various bills as a Congressman according to the government tracking website ‘Open Secrets’.
The Brunner campaign also charges Akin with voting for the infamous $223 million Alaska earmark, ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’ in a 2005 transportation bill. The bridge, however, was never built. It still became, and remains, a poster child for wasteful spending..
The site also criticizes Akin for voting to raise the debt ceiling while in Congress. Akin admits he did that. But he adds earlier in his career, the federal government budget was in better shape and so was the economy.
In June, Brunner has stepped up his attacks on both his primary rivals. A few weeks ago, he broadcast the first attack commercial of the campaign. That was also aimed at Steelman and Akin’s records while in office.


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