Martin and Northland GOP Criticize McCaskill’s Support of Obama

Missouri Republican Attorney General candidate Ed Martin in Platte County Monday.

As Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Kansas City for a Claire McCaskill fundraiser, Missouri Republicans were hulighting her ties to the Obama administration.
At a news conference, Republican candidate for Attorney General candidate Ed Martin said the Biden stop confirms McCaskill is “clearly an Obama-Biden senator,” said Martin. He added, “that’ll be great for people to see ”

One Response

  1. The Repugs are destroying the country. And that’s Claire McCaskill’s fault really? Over 80 filibusters used against President Obama. This is the most obstructionist congress in our history. Mitch McConnell clear hatred of President Obama is evident when he states “we want to make President Obama a one term
    President.” Repugs claim all these jobs bills when in fact NONE if the bills were jobs bills.

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