Planned Parenthood Praises Nixon Veto, Spence Condemns It

The Executive Director of the Kansas City Chapter of Planned Parenthood is pleased and relieved with Missouri Governor Jay Nkxon.
Nixon vetoed a bill today that would have allowed some health providers with religious affiliations to opt out of providing some services based on moral or religious grounds.
It was viewed as a battle over abortion and contraception.
“Governor Nixon recognizes that birth control is a pocketbook issue for Missouri women and should be fully covered by insurance no matter where they work,” said Brownlie in a statement.
Brownlie says Planned Parenthood was concerned Nixon might sign the bill or permit it to become law without his signature.
He says Planned Parenthood was one of the groups that swamped the Governor’s office with 10,000 messages.
Of the bill dud the same thing.
Lee’s Sumitt Republican Conservative, Will Kraus, says Nixon missed a chance to stand up for religious freedom.
Nixon’s likely November opponent, Republican Dave Spence criticized the Governor, too.
“Jay Nixon should have put his pro-choice beliefs aside and signed this important legislation. Jay Nixon chose to stand with President Obama and radical pro-choice advocates instead of the overwhelming number of Missourians who do not want Obamacare, who do not want our religious liberties infringed upon," Spence said in a campaign news release.
The battle
May not be over. Kraus thinks some Missouri religious groups and the state’s Right to Life chapters will push hard for a veto override in September.
There are enough votes to do that in the State Senate.
The battleground
May be in the House.
Both are controlled by Republicans who would like to embarrass the Governor during an election campaign. But House Republicans will have search for more votes that bill had in the spring to have a chance at turning back Nixon’s veto.

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