Candidate & Newspaper Square Off Overf His Claim to Support of Leagalization of Pot

The SEMO Times vi JohnCombest:
Poplar Bluff, MO – In what was perhaps the biggest blunder of the Bob Parker for Congress campaign to date, Parker has taken to his Facebook page to deny his comments at a June 12th meeting in Poplar Bluff, and reported in a June 13th story by the SEMO TIMES supporting federal legalization of marijuana.
On his Facebook page Parker stated, “Amazing the lies that continue to come from Camp Emerson. I do not support the legalization of drugs. Where is the quote Jo Ann? Where is the video of me ever saying anything like that? There is none because I have NEVER said it. Stop the lies Jo Ann.”
Today the SEMO TIMES released raw video footage from the meeting taken from an iPhone showing he did lead the crowd to feel he does support federal legalization of marijuana, and shows his statement on Facebook to be a lie.
While speaking to the Poplar Bluff for Liberty meeting, Parker referenced his support for the agenda of Congressman and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul several times during his nearly 75 minute speech. The Poplar Bluff for Liberty group is led by the group who led the Ron Paul delegation at the county caucuses earlier this year. After being asked by a member of the group if he agreed with Congressman Paul’s position on the federal legalization of marijuana Parker gave an approximately 5 minute response without stating his position.
Then after a follow up question by a SEMO TIMES reporter and groans from the audience, Parker was urged to fully state his position by campaign supporter Eldon Wright. As the video shows, after Wright attacked the “war on drugs”, brought into national prominence by the Reagan administration, and he stated that: “I know this is where you’re coming from, but this needs to be left at the state level folks. The federal government’s got their hands in too darn much already (Parker: yeah, yeah), and I think that’s where you’re coming from (Parker: yeah, yeah) on this”.

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