Steelman Camp Searches for Finance Report They Thought was Filed

Republican Senate candidate Sarah Steelman’s campaign is searching for her Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD), which Is required by federal candidates.
The issue came to light after Democrat Claire McCaskill’s campaign alerted reporters the report was overdue.
McCaskill’s campaign says Steelman missed the first deadline in May. It says Steelman asked for an extension and that deadline was missed too.
That report is a prime source of financial information to voters and reporters about candidates and elected officials.
“Missourians shouldn’t be surprised that Sarah Steelman has no interest in transparency because, frankly, her record of hiding speaks for itself,” said Erik Dorey, McCaskill for Missouri spokesman in a news release.
Steelman spokesman Patrick Tuohey says he was first told the report had been sent in on time and there was no request for an extension.
A short time later Tuohey said they had contacted Senate PFD officials and were told the PFD is not on file.
McCaskill’s campaign is also using the opportunity to point out Steelman came under fire earlier for her record keeping.
They’re citing reports that some records from Steelman’s term as State Treasurer are still missing, even though the documents are state property and so not belong to Steelman.


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