Palin Endorses Steelman in GOP Senate Primary

Former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is endorsing Missouri Republican Senate candidate Sarah Steelman.
Steelman has wanted Palin’s backing since the start of the campaign according to a news release from Steelman’s operation announcing the endorsement.
Palin said, “Sarah has run a grassroots campaign the way it should be run – handshake by handshake, voter by voter, farm to farm, not TV ad after TV ad”, in what could be interpreted as a shot toward rival John Brunner’s who’s heavy advertising has thrust him from a political rookie into a serious player in the race.
“Let’s send a commonsense conservative woman from the Show Me state to show Washington how to get things done,” Palin added, according to the statement.
Steelman says she’s humbled by the endorsement.
“I am ready to join Governor Palin and lead the fight in the Senate to restore fiscal discipline and speak truth to power by putting this country back into the hands of the people!“ said Steelman.
Politico’s David Cantanese rweets the John Brunner reaction, ‘We are surprised a conservative like Palin would endorse a pro-labor, pro-trial lawyer,pro-tax,anti-biz candidate’


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  1. Oh, God! Every time that woman opens her mouth…. *snickers* Every time.

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