Talent Doesn’t Think Palin Controversy is Affecting Romney’s Veep Vetting

Former Missouri Senator Jim Talent, now a leading advisor to GOP candidate Mitt Romney, doesn’t think the 2008 selection of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is impacting how Romney is selecting his running mate.
The likely GOP Presidential nominee is said to be in the final stages of selecting his running mate.
In a conference cal with Missouri reporters Thursday morning, Talent says He could not shed much light on how the process is going, but he did say the Palin episode is not having an impact.
Palin’s surprise choice was cheered by Republicans at the moment as a game changer.
But reporting after the campaign suggests Palin became a problem for the top staff of the McCain campaign that year.
“I think he’d be going through the same process he’s going through regardless of what happened in 2008”, said Talent.
Talent says Romney supported the McCain/Palin ticket.
“He was a strong supporter”.
“He has a process that he goes through making a decision like that,” added Talent, “and knows the considerations he’s looking for”.
“So, no, I don’t think any of the past races, ’08; ’04 would have affected the way he’s going about selecting a Vice Presidential running mate.”


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