Claire & EMILY are Good Friends

Missouri News Horizon:
ST. LOUIS – EMILY’s List has made its choice, picking Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has received $177,000 from the group and its supporters this election cycle.
The PAC, which supports pro-choice Democrats, is her biggest contributor, campaign finance reports show.
EMILY’s List, whose name is an acronym for Early Money is Like Yeast, has mobilized its 1.5 million members to donate more than $1.6 million to female congressional candidates in the past two years. Only Massachusetts senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren has received more money from the group than McCaskill.
The Washington, D.C. -based political action committee culls its rolls for donations of $10, $20, $50 or more to candidates it supports. EMILY’s List’s key issue is abortion rights, but it has expanded its agenda to include more social and economic issues, such as education funding.
The Washington D.C.- based think tank Center for Responsible Politics says the group “has turned the bundling of campaign contributions into an art form.

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