Palin to Campaign for Steelman Friday Night in Cass County

GOP Senate candidate Sarah Steelman has hit the Mama Grizzly trifecta.
Steelman’s campaign announced Wednesday night former GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will star at a Cass County campaign rally Friday night.
That’s the trifecta
Palin’s endorsement of Steelman’s last week, followed by a Palin TV spot that started broadcasting this week, and the campaign stop at what is being called the ‘ Steelman Surge’ for next Tuesday’s primary.
The event will be at the Berry Patch Patch Farm at State Line and Cleveland in northern Cass County.
“I am so grateful to have Governor Palin’s support and very excited to say she will be coming into Missouri to participate in this BBQ. I know she will excite folks to come out and take a strong stand against the status quo,” Steelman said in a statement announcing Palin’s appearance.
The Steelman campaign describes the event as a barbecue and picnic. The news release says Steelman will be serving food to the crowd.
The news release does not spell out Palin’s role at the event. She is
Likely to be the afar speaker of the night.
While Palin is
Longer viewed as the white hot
Political star of 2008, she is highly regarded by the base of the Republican Party.
A series of polls done in 2011, the latest available, show Palin with a nearly 60% favorable rating from
Republicans who were asked about her in those surveys.
Palin’s appearance for Steelman will come in the closing days of the tough GOP primary for the US senate nomination to run against Democrat Claire McCaskill.
A st. Louis Post Dispatch KMOV TV poll published last weekend had Steelman and the other top two contenders, Rep. Todd Akin and St. Louis businessman John Brunner, all leading McCaskill in head-to-head matches-ups.
McCaskill’s close ties to the Obama administration is a prime reason Missouri voters have soured on her at the end of her first term, according to the newspaper and TV poll


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