Palin Stumps for Steelman Calls Her “Impeccable Reformer”

Former GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin (left) and Sarah Steelman serve barbecue at Cass County rally

Cleveland,Mo–Sarah Palin gave Missouri Republican Senate candidate Sarah Steelman an unqualified endorsement at a warm campaign rally in Cass County Friday night.
The Steelman camp hopes the Palin appearance in the Kansas City area, and the heavy Broadcast rotation if a Palin commercial for Steelman, pushes her through a tough three-way GOP primary next Tuesday.
“She’s got the record”, Palin said in a brief interview, “she got the solid record.”
“It’s really nice to have a candidate that can offer this choice…versus just rhetoric,” said Palin. “She’s not just talking the talk, she’s walking the walk”. Palin didn’t mention Steelman’s primary rivals by name.
She is facing St. Louis Rep. Todd Akin and businessman John Brunner in a tight primary scrap.
However, she did tell the crowd it was alright to question another Republican’s credentials.
” They want you to believe that they, perhaps, have a conservative values, conservative efforts. But we have a candidate who actually has that solid, impeccable record”. Palin also talked up Steelman’s willingness to challenge own party. Steelman’s speech hit the same note.
“I’m going to go to the Unites States Senate. I’m going to kick those doors down,” she proclaimed, “and together, we are going to rattle some cages!”
There were several hundred people at the rally. The crowd’s size was hard to gauge because they were often spread out and trying to stay cool under shade trees.
Palin commented on the heat wave, too. She noted it was 48 degrees last night in Alaska. “We’re roasting here”, she chuckled.
The Steelman campaign said it was Palin’s choice to hold the rally in the Kansa City area.
Usually the key battlegrounds in a Republican primary are not in this area. They are in southwest Missouri and the suburban counties around St Louis.
Steelman’s campaign hopes to win the Kanas City area and counter their weakness in other parts of the state.
Another political star of the 2008 campaign, Mike Huckabee, has endorsed Todd Akin and cut a television for him.
Thursday in the Kansas City area, Brunner dismissed impact of Huckabee and Palin as “celebrity endorsements”.


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