Planned Parenthood Blasts Akin for Calling Morning-After Pill, “Abortion”

Missouri Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin says the ‘morning-after pill’ is a form of abortion and should be banned.
Akin says his prohibition would include victims of rape of incest.
Akin made the comment in an interview on KCMO Talk Radio 710 Thursday morning on the Greg Knapp broadcast.
Near the end of the interview Knapp asked Akin about the morning-after pill.
“As far as I’m concerned, the morning after pill is a form of abortion. And I think we shouldn’t have abortion in this country,” Akin said.
The Republican said, “We should optimize life”.
Knapp then pressed him on his answer.
“So just to be clear, you would like to ban the morning-after pill, totally, for everyone?
‘Yeah. I think that’s a form of abortion, and I don’t support it.”
Planned Parenthood issued a statement after the interview condemning Akin’s remarks.
Planned Parenthood says Akin is wrong, the morning-after pill is not an abortion. It called it, ‘emergency contraception”.
The group says the pill contains, “hormones that reduce the risk of pregnancy if started within 120 hours of unprotected intercourse.”
Here is an excerpt of the Akin interview:


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