Chastain Offers A Deal, One More Transit Vote and I’ll Go

Mass transit activist Clay Chastain is offering the city a deal. Put his mass transit on the November ballot for what he calls “a final” vote.
Chastain says if the city does that, he’ll promise to end decades of mass transit and light tail activism in Kansas City.
Chastain has been trying to get a city-wide vote on his latest mass transit proposal for more than a year.
He has the required number of petition signatures for a vote. Th City however says the plan is not workable.
Chastain has asked the Missouri Appeals Court to review a Jackson County Circuit Judge ruling keeping his plan off the ballot.
Chastain’s plan needs voters to approve a sales tax increase to fund some of the plan. It also requires substantial state and federal money. Chastain says he is not sure what the total cost of the plan it. It involves a city-wide system of buses, street cars well as light rail.
He says one last vote in November will settle the issue and put an end to years of Chastain’s efforts to get a Light rail or mass transit system for the city. Sent from my iPhone


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