Far From Dead, Poll Shows Akin Leads McCaskill in Flash Poll After Rape Remarks

A poll by Public Policy Polling, (3P) indicates Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin holds a slim lead over Democrat Claire McCaskill, even after the firestorm over his remarks about “legitimate rape”, and his belief it is harder for a women to get pregnant from a rapist.
The poll suggests the controversy is not a mortal wound for Aiken. He’s vowing to stay in the race.
The 3P flash poll shows Akin leads McCaskill 44-43%. The poll was taken Monday night. It sampled 500 likely Missouri voters with a margin of error of 4.4%.
Public Policy Polling does survey work for many Democratic candidates. 3P says no campaign paid for this flash poll.
“Voters were appalled at his comments about abortion, but not so much that they decided to vote Democratic when they were previously planning to support the GOP,” said 3P President Dean deb am in a 3P news release on the flash poll.
3/4th of the poll respondents said Akin’s remarks were inappropriate. That includes 2/3rd of the Republicans.
The poll, however, reports Akin maintain a lead with Missouri independent voters, 45-41, the same lead he enjoyed when 3p lasted polled in Missouri in May.
The poll suggests Democrat Incumbent Claire McCaskill may also have a serious problem.
A poll summary statement says, ” GOP voters dislike McCaskill so much they’re not going to vote for her no matter what their nominee does”


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